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      Contact Us 

      phone: 202.692.2250

      fax: 202.692.2251

      Peace Corps Headquarters

      Attn: Peace Corps Response

      1111 20th Street NW 

      Washington, DC 20526



      Quick Links




      Volunteers in action!

      PCRV in Guyana

      Jill Cadreau teaches English to students in Liberia



      Ask PC Response 

      Q: What should I do if I don't see an assignment that matches my skills?

      You are welcome to submit a general application. Your information will then be entered into our database. We recommend you continue to monitor our website as new positions are posted weekly! If you have already applied and see something new that interests you, you can simply submit an application update.



      Share Your Story! 

      Are you currently serving as a Peace Corps Response Volunteer? We want to hear from you! What was your experience like going back into the field? What have you been able to share or accomplish? Write to us at pcresponse@....
      Maybe YOU will be featured in a future issue of Impact!



      Did you know?

      The oldest currently serving Peace Corps Response Volunteer is 72 years old! She is training nonprofit workers in the Philippines on grant and proposal writing.

      Dear Peace Corps Response,

      Once in a lifetime...can happen more than once.


      For many of us, Peace Corps was a life-changing experience. The lessons we learned, the friendships we made, and the experiences we shared with our host country counterparts are priceless. It's hard to imagine another experience as rich and rewarding as your two years of Peace Corps service.


      Or is it? What if you could return to the field--not for two years, but for six months? Or nine months? Would you do it?


      Peace Corps Response offers RPCVs the chance to do just that. Rewarding short-term, high-impact assignments are opening up all the time in a variety of sectors and countries around the world. Want to learn more? Check out some of the hot opportunities featured in this special edition of Impact.



      Upcoming Jobs


      Health and HIV/AIDS in Malawi 

      START DATE: May 2010   DURATION: 12 months 

      MAJOR NEED: RPCVs with a Master's in Public Health and experience working with HIV/AIDS programming and training initiatives

      PROJECT FOCUS: To work as District HIV/AIDS Technical Advisors and assist with the institutional strengthening of community-based and faith-based organizations involved in HIV/AIDS activities


      Community and Youth Development in Bulgaria

      START DATE: April 2010   DURATION: 6 months 

      MAJOR NEED: RPCVs with a degree in social work and experience developing a community-based drug prevention program

      PROJECT FOCUS: To work as a Drug Prevention Policy Maker and develop training modules on drug abuse prevention for students, teachers, school advisors, nurses, and other stakeholders


      Agriculture and Environment in Mozambique 

      START DATE: July 2010   DURATION: 12 months 

      MAJOR NEED: Portuguese-speaking RPCVs with advanced degrees in forestry, land management, or environmental science

      PROJECT FOCUS: To work as Rain Forest Protection Specialists and train community members in sustainable agricultural practices and ecotourism activities


      Disaster Preparedness and Response in Madagascar 

      START DATE: June 2010   DURATION: 6 months

      MAJOR NEED: Malagasy-speaking RPCVs with at least two years of work experience in disaster management

      PROJECT FOCUS: To work as an Emergency Preparedness Assistant Officer and establish local risk and disaster management committees at the commune level



      New opportunities in Haiti!


      Peace Corps Response is pleased to announce, under an inter-agency agreement with USAID, that we are now recruiting RPCVs for short-term assignments with CHF International in Haiti. Please continue to monitor our website for more opportunities in the near future!

      MAJOR NEED: RPCVs with a degree in agronomy or crop science and experience in agriculture/farm management

      PROJECT FOCUS: To work as an Agriculture Extension and Farm Management Officer and provide training to young Haitian farmers in sustainable farm management techniques
      MAJOR NEED: RPCVs with a background in natural resource management and a degree in forestry or watershed management

      PROJECT FOCUS: To work as a Forestry Specialist and provide training to youth and young adults in soil conservation techniques, composting, and watershed management


      MAJOR NEED: RPCVs with a degree in water and sanitation, rural or civil engineering and experience with irrigation management
      PROJECT FOCUS: To work as an Irrigation Specialist and mentor young Haitians in their efforts to establish and maintain a viable and equitable water distribution system for their community

      Have you updated your contact information lately? Stay connected to the Peace Corps! Please visit www.peacecorps.gov/rpcv/info to update your records.


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