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    Peace Corps Response | Trends Summer 2009 A NOTE FROM PEACE CORPS RESPONSE Greetings and welcome to the summer edition of Trends! A lot has been happening with
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      Peace Corps Response | Trends
Corps Response - Trends
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      A Note From Peace Corps Response

      Greetings and welcome to the summer edition of Trends! A lot has been happening with Peace Corps Response since you last heard from us, and we are excited for the opportunity to share some of our latest developments with you through this issue of Trends. If you have checked out our website within the past year, you may have noticed that we have advertised many assignments related to education. Education was not one of the program areas that Peace Corps Response had traditionally focused on, but that is quickly changing. We continue to receive requests from the partnering-organizations with which we work for more Volunteers to lend their education-related expertise in a variety of ways. In this issue, three Volunteers tell us about their unique experiences as educators with Peace Corps Response.

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      July Hot Job

      Peace Corps Response is seeking RPCVs for various education projects in Guinea, Swaziland, Uganda, Liberia and Southeast Asia! The assignments are education focused, such as library science, PTA organization, and school administration; with more new positions on the horizon. RPCVs with experience in teaching, teacher training, school administration, or curriculum development, PTA organizing, and more (Bachelors or Masters of Education are desperately needed!) are encouraged to see our open positions page for details.

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      In Their Own Words

      "It never goes away. The memories. The people. The work. The satisfactions. [Peace Corps Response] is a chance to do it all again."
      Bob Loew, Peace Corps Response Sri Lanka, RPCV Colombia '66-'68

      "[Peace Corps Response] is like Peace Corps crammed into a much shorter period of time. It is just as intense and just as meaningful as two years of Peace Corps. The difference is that I went in as a much different person, having had the Peace Corps experience to build upon. This experience enabled me to be much more effective in a shorter period of time."
      Aimee Fregeau, Peace Corps Response Namibia, RPCV, Ghana '99-'01

      "It was a great experience, completely different from my Peace Corps experience as an agro-forestry Volunteer in Panama. I highly recommend the [Peace Corps Response] to any RPCVs. It is a good way to see the skills you developed as a Volunteer be put to work."
      Tammy Nolan, Peace Corps Response Honduras, RPCV Panama '97-'99

      Volunteer Stories

      Special Education in Jamaica
      David Grant
      My project was to create a special education high school vocational transition curriculum to aid Jamaican special education students. The keys to success in Peace Corps Response are pre-production, scheduling, logistics and concrete contingency plans. Know that you can't do it all. Just do what you can, the best you can. My theme in all my work is that there is a place for everyone, everywhere, regardless. Read more »

      Environmental Education
      David Wylie
      Uganda's flora and fauna are impressive and diverse, but today they are threatened by poaching, bush burning, and destruction of natural habitats-often to sustain peoples' livelihoods as Uganda emerges from protracted armed conflict. As a Peace Corps Response Volunteer with Wildlife Clubs of Uganda, I'm tasked with conducting environmental education programs as people return to their homes from Internally Displaced Persons Camps. Read more »

      Library Education
      Gloria Reichmann
      The heavy fog drapes the countryside and muffles the sounds of the morning news, babies' coos, and roosters' crows. The bible station that blared redemption messages until 11 PM last night now emits soothing organ music; rousing children from their beds to begin the daily task of fetching water. An elderly Liberian lady passes by, elegantly balancing her water container on her head, and asks why I was not at the pump to help her. Read more »

      Overseas Staff Posting

      Peace Corps is actively recruiting for Americans to serve not only as Volunteers but also as staff overseas. If you are interested for an overseas staff position, please can go to the Peace Corps website, www.peacecorps.gov. Click on Agency Jobs and Info in the upper right hand corner and navigate to the jobs section. You can contact us with any questions using the form in the Agency Jobs and Info section. Questions should be directed to the Division of Overseas Recruitment, Selection and Support Division of Human Resources. Submit your application

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