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VOTE GAUS! (CIRPCA Nominations)

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  • david gaus
    VOTE GAUS! (I d like to nominate myself for the board.) At the Rathskeller meeting it was said that large corporations such as Lilly tend to discriminate
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      VOTE GAUS! (I'd like to nominate myself  for the board.)
           At the Rathskeller meeting it was said that large corporations such as Lilly tend to discriminate against RPCVs. I think that's true and that RPCVs--who have some similarities in background simply because they all were in the Peace Corps--might benefit from a career advancement club or networking group.
             If elected to the board, I'd be happy to try to organize such a group. It would be entirely free and might meet at University Library on the IUPUI campus or the Irvington Public Library. (There is also free parking at or near both of those locales.)
            This is just a suggestion. If no one is interested, my feelings won't be hurt. 
            I was in the Peace Corps '65-'67 (Nigeria and Ghana) and had a good deal of trouble finding a good career path after returning. So in '83 I incorporated in Indiana on my own. I'd describe myself today as a "publisher of science-related journalism." I'm listed in the current edition of Marquis Who's Who in America and am reasonably content with my career situation.
            But there's always room for improvement and other RPCVs might feel the same way. I was very impressed with the quality of RPCVs at the Rathskeller meeting. It was a group of bright, adaptable people. Many employers could use the services of such individuals. But sometimes it takes a little strategy to get one's foot in the door.
             I should say that after Peace Corps service, I went on to become a somewhat controversial person. There might be those who think I talk too much. That side of my persona is displayed on my web site:

      richs85@... wrote:
      CIRPCA is accepting nominations for its board of directors. If you
      or someone you know is interested in serving on the board they
      should access the CIRPCA Yahoo group and read the preliminary bylaws
      to know the duties of serving as a board member entails. If you can
      not access that group please contact one of the following people and
      they can send you a copy of the bylaws and tell you more information
      about the formation of the organization:
      ANDERSON Debbie bq9@... (317) 627-8982
      COONS Pat mpatcoons@... 
      HINSHAW-OSGOOD Elisabeth elisabeth274@... (317) 823-8066
      PUGH Sara redbirdbean@... 
      SITLER Richard richs85@... (765) 571-0102
      TURNER Colleen turnerc@... (317) 881-0612
      INGERSOLL Vicki vmingers@... (317) 876-3929

      You can nominate yourself or someone else. If you nominate someone
      else make sure that they are willing to serve. E-mail or call
      Richard Sitler with your nominations by October 13th. No nominations
      will be accepted after that date. We have a member who has
      volunteered to print paper ballots. After the nominations are
      received the nominees need to send bio information to Sitler. The
      bio information will be included on the ballots. The bio info should
      include your Peace Corps service info (country, years of service,
      sector, etc.), what you do now (work, retired, etc.), volunteer work
      and organizations currenty involved in, and a bried statement why
      you want to serve on the CIRPCA board. Sitler will need the bio info
      by October 15th. The election will be held at the October 20th

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