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Ghana project

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  • Debbie Anderson
    Hello RPCVs in Indiana! We are Peace Corps Volunteers in Ghana writing on behalf of Savelugu School for the Deaf, (Northern Region, Ghana,West Africa) We are
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 16, 2007
      Hello RPCVs in Indiana!

      We are Peace Corps Volunteers in Ghana writing on behalf of Savelugu
      School for the Deaf, (Northern Region, Ghana,West Africa) We are
      looking for groups and individuals or groups interested in supporting
      an expansion of our school. We are building a library and computer
      lab as a visual resource center for the 240 children at Savelugu
      School for the Deaf (SAVEDEAF). We have raised half of the funds
      needed but we need more sponsors for the completion of the project.
      Please let us know if there is a project proposal form we should fill
      out to be considered for support.

      Our school has a lack of decent buildings and learning materials which
      are critical in the education of deaf children. As such, the school's
      headmistress, some concerned staff members, and myself have put
      together a proposal through a format suggested by Peace Corps, seeking
      funds to build for our school a computer laboratory and library.

      This proposal is posted at peacecorps.gov under the directory
      'Volunteer Projects' --Ghana--Computer Lab/Library for deaf school--S.
      Krewin--project number 641-226.

      Quicklink to the project:

      We have secured some donations and we are looking for contributions
      from groups interested in supporting education and poverty reduction
      in Africa.

      Students at SAVEDEAF are struggling on a daily basis to live decent
      lives, and to gain a basic education. The students' hearing
      disabilities establish a reliance on visual explanation of lesson
      topics. However the lack of quality educational resources and teachers
      specifically trained in deaf education available to special schools
      significantly hinders comprehension of curriculum and training in life

      This proposal provides access to teaching and learning tools that are
      critical to the special and complex needs of hearing disabled
      students. Computers can electronically store and retrieve a great
      variety of learning materials for the children who depend on visual
      explanations. Savelugu School for the deaf received donations of nine
      computers and 400 books but has no place to set them up and teach with

      Acquired computer skills will expand employment options and life
      skills for deaf Ghanaians who historically have high rates of
      unemployment. Access to computers will support school administrative
      tasks such as managing student records, enrollment and budget.

      The proposed building is estimated by the contractor to take no more
      than 2 months to build and we are hoping to finish fundraising by the
      first week of May, 2007.

      If the RPCVs in Indiana have an interest in this project please
      contact Sabrina Krewin ( dontpinch@... ) for full details. A
      copy of the full proposal is attached to this email. Please consider
      this endeavour, and request any additional documents or information
      that should be provided in order for this project to be submitted
      through official channels.

      Thank you for your consideration and time,

      Sabrina Krewin
      Paul Sari
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