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[NPCANews] E-Newsletter for December 2006

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  • Debbie Anderson
    Volume 3, Issue 11 www.peacecorpsconnect.org December 2006 *The NPCA Shop at CaféPress.com Is Open for Business* Just in time for the holidays...NPCA has
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 22, 2006
      Volume 3, Issue 11


      December 2006

      *The NPCA Shop at CaféPress.com Is Open for Business*

      Just in time for the holidays...NPCA has opened a "shop" at
      CaféPress.com featuring a selection of Peace Corps-related apparel and
      merchandise. Let the world know what an "RPCV" is or pass the Peace
      Corps message on to the next generation with one of our very cute baby
      onesies or kid t-shirts.

      Visit www.cafepress.com/pcorpsconnect

      Every purchase you make supports the NPCA's advocacy, global education
      and Peace Corps community building efforts. This is our maiden voyage
      with CaféPress and a "work in progress." So if there is merchandise or
      are messages you'd like to see in the future, let our News Director

      *And the Winner is...
      Update on GlobalGiving.com Challenge Grant*

      Last month NPCA and GlobalGiving.com announced a challenge grant in
      conjunction with our pilot program, RPCVs Project!
      . Any of the three
      featured RPCVs Project! projects that generated 100 or more donations by
      December 15, 2006 would receive $5,000 in funding. Well...drum roll
      please... both Friends of Burkina Faso and the High Atlas Foundation met
      those goals. Congratulations!

      Visit NPCA's page at GlobalGiving.com
      to learn how RPCVs
      Project! uses the power of the Internet to help our community promote
      high-impact, grassroots projects around the world--projects with direct
      links to RPCVs and NPCA members. Consider making a contribution in honor
      of someone on your holiday list. Spread the word. If this NPCA
      initiative is successful, we hope to make this available to more groups.

      *RPCVs Hold Peace Corps Reunions In-Country*

      Put three former Peace Corps volunteers or Peace Corps staff members
      together anywhere and you have an instant reunion. Some country of
      service groups, however, are doing things on a grander scale to mark 40
      years of Peace Corps.

      In October close to 100 former volunteers, non-returned volunteers as
      well as teachers and staff came together in Korea for several days of
      events. Peace Corps/Korea officially ended in 1981, but it's still not
      unusual to meet Koreans from all walks of life--from taxi drivers to
      diplomats--who vividly recall their first encounters with PCVs as middle
      school English teachers in the late 1960s. Click here

      to hear more about this fabulous reunion.

      In-country reunions are slated for Dominican Republic in February and
      Thailand in March, so look for more reunion stories in coming
      e-newsletter issues.

      *"Peace Corps Entrepreneurs on the Edge" Set to Launch Next Month*

      Several months ago we put out a call for nominations of Peace Corps
      alumni who are "social entrepreneurs."

      We're pleased to report that our collaboration with Social Edge
      , a project of the Skoll Foundation, to
      produce 50 brief podcast profiles of Peace Corps social entrepreneurs is
      moving along nicely. The new Social Edge website, featuring the
      podcasts, will launch on January 19. To date, seven interviews have been
      completed with RPCVs such as Dave Schweidenback (founder of Pedals for
      Progress), Jerr Boschee (founder of the Institute for Social
      Entrepreneurs) and Pat Christen (President of HopeLab). More profiles
      will debut throughout the year...stay tuned!

      *NPCA Part of Building Bridges Campaign*

      NPCA is joining numerous like-minded organizations in support of the
      Building Bridges Campaign. As the need to increase dialogue and
      cooperation between the United States and people of different countries
      grows, the *Brookings Institution Initiative on International
      Volunteering and Service* seeks to explore ways in which the culture of
      volunteerism can help enhance global understanding and security. The
      Building Bridges Campaign has an ambitious goal--to double the number of
      Americans that volunteer overseas every year. Lex Rieffel, who served as
      a Peace Corps volunteer in India in the 1960s, is spearheading the
      effort. Click here to learn

      *RPCVs Speak on Reproductive Health Overseas*

      Recently Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope shared the Woodrow
      Wilson International Center for Scholars stage with five other returned
      Peace Corps volunteers who have worked in reproductive health programs
      overseas. Panelists discussed the evolution of programs from concerns
      with about population to women's rights and family health. Click here
      to learn more and
      to get the link to a video webcast of the event.

      *Friends of Ukraine Creates Sister College Partnership*

      Returned volunteers continue to foster cultural understanding in many
      ways. With the help of a grant from the NPCA, Friends of Ukraine has
      created a program of sister college relationships between U.S.
      universities and colleges, and institutions in Ukraine. They'd like
      share their experiences and help RPCVs create similar partnerships in
      their countries of service. Click here

      to read a Q&A conversation with Jodi Simek (Ukraine 98-00) who chairs
      the Sister College Partnership Program.

      *NPCA Advocacy: 2006 Year in Review*

      A highly successful Capitol Hill Advocacy Day. Multiple resources to
      assist and engage advocates on a range of global issues. More than 30
      outreach events in twelve states.

      These were among the 2006 highlights of NPCA's Advocacy Program. Click
      here for
      the 2006 NPCA Advocacy Year in Review, with summary of activities,
      photos from the past year, and links to get connected for 2007. Click
      here for
      current Advocacy Program headlines.

      *It's Been a Busy Year at NPCA*

      December is the month when we look back on the many accomplishments of
      the year.

      * Things started off on a high in early January, when the President
      signed legislation to rescind an earlier initative tying Peace
      Corps service to military recruitment
      NPCA spotlighted the issue and coordinated our community's
      successful advocacy effort.
      * We held 10 very successful Open House events around the country in
      celebration of the 40th anniversary of Peace Corps
      culminating in special events in Washington, DC in September.
      * Add in a special issue of WorldView magazine
      and our
      various advocacy and global education efforts, and it's been quite
      a year!

      Big thanks go to the many, many supporters who made it all happen: our
      board, advisory council, group leaders, members and supporters. Have a
      wonderful holiday season!

      *In This Issue*

      . The NPCA Shop at CaféPress.com Is Open for Business <#11>

      . And the Winner is... GlobalGiving.com Challenge Grant <#22>

      . RPCVs Hold Peace Corps Reunions In-Country <#33>

      . "Peace Corps Entrepreneurs on the Edge" Set to Launch Next Month <#44>

      . NPCA Part of Building Bridges Campaign <#55>

      . RPCVs Speak on Reproductive Health Overseas <#66>

      . Friends of Ukraine Creates Sister College Partnership <#77>

      . NPCA Advocacy: 2006 Year in Review <#88>

      . It's Been a Busy Year at NPCA <#99>


      *Peace Corps
      Community News*

      . President of Benin visits and thanks Peace Corps

      . Peace Corps Turns Hope Into Action On World AIDS Day

      . Out of Africa, Onto the Web: NY Times profile of RPCV Reed Hastings,
      Netflix CEO

      . Serving in Sudan : Couple help develop schools in war-torn African

      . Corvallis woman creates libraries in Africa

      . St. Louis team fights crop killer in Africa

      . Boy Scout's efforts commemorate life of fallen Peace Corps volunteer

      . Outgoing Mass. Environment Chief to serve as Ghana Country Director

      . Alberto Ibargüen is named Newseum Chairman

      . On the NPCA Bulletin board: International Youth Volunteerism Summit,
      Masters in Latin America Studies...more

      . Seeking: Eyo White is seeking Patrick Nye who served in Liberia, Dixie
      Fraser Singh who served in Sierra Leone and Nigeria

      . On the NPCA Calendar: RPCVs of South Florida Partnership Dinner, Film
      and Panel Discussion, Everglades outing...

      . Peace Corps community news clippings updated daily!

      . Making a Difference -- Stories from our Community


      *We're Moving Offices*

      In early January, NPCA will be moving offices. Not very far, just
      upstairs in the same building from Suite 205 to Suite 404. We hope
      you'll understand that despite our best efforts there might be some
      slight disruption of services.


      *Tony P. Hall Joins
      NPCA Advisory Council*

      We're pleased to announce that Tony P. Hall (Thailand 66-67)--former
      U.S. Congressman and former Ambassador to the U.N. Agencies for Food and
      Agriculture--has joined the NPCA Advisory Council
      . Tony's
      recent book, "Changing the Face of Hunger," was recently excerpted in
      /WorldView/ magazine.


      *Like to Write, Edit?*

      We're looking for a volunteer to help compile and edit brief alumni news
      items. If interested, contact news@...


      *Did You Know...*

      /WorldView/ magazine is available online!

      That's right. Many of the stories that you enjoy in print format are
      also Web accessible. Plus, you can read "Dispatches" - Web-only stories
      from the developing world.



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