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  • Debbie Anderson
    Another message from Shazia in Panama! shaziadavis@yahoo.com Hi guys! Once again I am sorry that I again do not have time to write back to everyone.
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2006
      Another message from Shazia in Panama!  shaziadavis@...

      Hi guys!  Once again I am sorry that I again do not have time to write back to everyone.  Hopefully when I finally get to my site in November I will have more time.  I think through the training I am just going to be really busy all the time and with hardly any access to the outside world.  There are two phones in the pueblo and both of them are now broken.  A phone card can´t be used on a cell phone b-c it costs alot, so it´s a matter of traveling an hour to get to a town.  Sorry, I didn´t know I´d have the chance to come today so I don´t have pictures.  Descriptions and updates will have to do.....
      Training is still very intense, lots and lots of classes and a total influx of Spanish.  I am improving quite a bit already, my aunt in Panama did tell me that.  The families all live around each other and visit all the time.  They do a lot of what they call pasearing, which is basically sitting around talking for hours on end.  Although we use a letrine and bucket bath we do have electricity which is kinda nice.  They all watch TV in the evening, and I am starting to understand the gist of what is going on.  I heard very briefly there was a hurricane somewhere in Florida so  hope all my Florida girls and guys are ok down there. 
      I dealt with the carbohydrate situation for a while and two days ago as I was craving vegetables (something I never thought I would say as I was not a huge vegetable lover in the States....) I decided to break it down to my host family cook.  She had absolutely no idea what to do to fix vegetables and when I told her that I wanted her to do nothing but heat up the can of peas she looked at me like I was totally crazy and still thinks I need to have rice with every meal.  I´m surprised she didn´t try to fry the peas! 
      So anyway, I am adjusting.  I wouldn´t use the word ¨fun¨, but yes it´s definately an experience and I´m sure I am in for so much more.  Yes I am taking the malaria pills, once a week and yes I do have vivid dreams but I have not yet had nightmares, only once did someone die!  I am sleeping under a mosquito net which looks crazy and kinda pretty at the same time in a funny sort of way.  I live in the middle of nowhere compared to all the other trainees which is really annoying and I half to walk forever to get anywhere - more than 2 hours a day of walking.  It makes it really hard and I definately sweat alot.  I bought a paragua - literally for the water in Spanish but I bought it for the sun!  There is no drinking alcohol at all really.  Hopefully I will be able to get a can of beer for my birthday in two days. 
      We are leaving in the morning to go to visit a volunteer in another part of Panama.  I am really excited.  I am going with another girl and visiting a girl that lives in the Veraguas region apparently very close to the coast in a very very small town, not on the map.  I should be able to see the ocean, yeah!!!  And it´ll be very nice to get out of Santa Clara for a couple days and have a break from the training. 
      Love shazia
      Shazia Davis
      Cuerpo de Paz - Panama
      Edificio 95, Ave. Vicente Bonilla
      Ciudad del Saber, Clayton
      Corregimiento de Ancon
      Ciudad de Panama

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