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Regional Office Activities in Indianapolis

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  • Debbie Anderson
    June 13, 2006 Hello! I am a Recruiter out of the Chicago Regional Peace Corps Office and I wanted to let your group know that two Recruiters from Chicago
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      June 13, 2006


      I am a Recruiter out of the Chicago Regional Peace Corps Office and
      I wanted to let your group know that two Recruiters from Chicago
      (Courtney and Fonzi) will be visiting Indianapolis in July. We are
      planning to conduct two information meetings, two information table,
      a nomination party and a day of interviews throughout the week of
      July 3rd. Please see the schedule below:

      Information Meeting with Video
      Wednesday, July 5, 2006
      Indiana State Library
      History Reference Room
      140 N Senate Ave.
      Indianapolis, IN

      Information Table
      Thursday, July 6, 2006
      Indianapolis Artsgarden
      Main Gallery
      47 S Pennsylvania St

      Information Table
      Thursday, July 6, 2006
      Behind Career Center

      Lunch Information Meeting with video
      Thursday, July 6, 2006
      University College 115
      Noon - 1:30PM

      Peace Corps Nomination Party
      Thursday, July 6, 2006
      The Kuaba Art Gallery
      876 Massachusetts Avenue
      Indianapolis, IN 46204

      Friday, July 7
      IUPUI Career Center,
      Business/SPEA Building 2010

      To schedule an interview, please contact Alfonso Montero in the
      Chicago Regional Peace Corps Office at (312) 353-6122 or

      We would like to have RPCVs attend the information meetings on the
      the 5th and 6th to speak about their personal experiences as PCVs.
      After the evening meeting on the 5th, we will go to a nearby
      establishment for some drinks. In addition, we will be hosting a
      nomination party to bring Peace Corps applicants, their families,
      RPCVs and families of currently serving volunteers together. This
      is an excellent way for RPCVs to share their experiences with others
      who are about to leave for PC as well as ease the minds of their
      parents. Plus, this will allow CIRPCA to network with PCVs who may
      be interested in becoming CIRPCA members after they finish their
      service. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are willing
      to speak at one of the meetings listed above.
      Yesterday, we sent invitations out to all RPCVs within the
      Indianapolis zip code range who finished their service within the
      last 10 years. As much as we would like to send this invitation out
      to all RPCVs in Indianapolis, there are too many of you and too few
      of us!

      I have attached the invitation (note from Debbie: go to the files
      section under our webgroup and it is there) to this email and if you
      know of any RPCVs who would be interested in attending this event,
      please forward it to their attention. We are asking people to RSVP
      as soon as possible so that we will have a head count to give to the
      owner of the Kuaba Art Gallery. She is from Ghana and will be
      preparing typical food from her region in Ghana.

      One last item. We hope to have phenomenal attendance at each of
      these events and are asking RPCVs to distribute PC flyers around the
      Indianapolis area. If you are able and willing to do this, please,
      please let me know and I will send you as many flyers as you are
      willing to distribute. Please email me or Fonzi with your name,
      address, and quantity of flyers you are willing to post around the
      city. Our emails are as follows:


      We thank you in advance and hope to see you at the information
      meetings and/or nomination party!


      K. Courtney Cunningham
      Recruitment Representative
      Beekeeper Volunteer, Paraguay, 1998-2000
      (312) 353-7747

      Alfonso Montero
      Recruitment Representative
      Business Volunteer, 2003-2005
      (312) 353-6122

      55 W Monroe Street
      Suite 450
      Chicago, IL 60603
      (800) 424-8580, Option 1
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