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Pedals for Progress in Jamaica

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  • Richard Sitler
    Hello everyone, I have e-mailed many of you already about this project. I have successfully formed a partnership between my agency here in Jamaica; Ewarton
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 8, 2006
      Hello everyone,
      I have e-mailed many of you already about this project. I have
      successfully formed a partnership between my agency here in Jamaica;
      Ewarton Community Development Action Committee (ECODAC) with Pedals
      for Progress. Pedals for Progress sends bicycles and parts to
      partner agencies in developing countries to support sustainable
      projects that will assist in community development, youth
      development and provide low cost transportation for needy people.
      ECODAC intends to use the Pedals for Progress program to be part of
      the curriculum for a Life Skills Training Centre that is being
      developed to assist young men who are in need of vocational and
      technical training. The project will be sustainable and income
      generating. The only issue is that money needs to be raised for the
      initial shipment of a container of bicycles and parts. After the
      initial shipment each shipment will pay for itself.
      I am basically working on this fund raising without the benefit of a
      budget or resources. I am paying for computer internet time out of
      my own pocket from computer internet cafe in the market town nearby.
      This is cutting into my Red Stripe budget! So, I am begging you to
      consider helping a community in Jamaica by donating what you can to
      Pedals for Progress by following the information below, or go to
      P4p.org and click on the donation section of their site. Make sure
      you tell Pedals for Progress that you want your donation to go to
      the Jamaica shipment.
      I wish I could offer you something like a free Jamaica t-shirt or
      something for donating, but like I said before our agency has a very
      small budget! If you come to Jamaica while I am still here I can
      offer to be your tour guide and buy you a Red Stripe!
      Please donate soon, we need to raise money for the shipment by the
      end of the month.
      Thank you for your consideration.

      Click here to make a donation online!

      Contributing to Pedals for Progress means
      making progress without pollution.

      With your donation, you make it possible for Pedals for Progress to
      continue with its unique economic development programs. P4P helps
      people get to work using recycled bicycles as a source of basic
      transportation, a source of trade, and a means for employment and

      To make a donation, please print this page, fill it out and mail to
      Pedals for Progress.

      Name: _____________________________________________________

      Address: ___________________________________________________

      City: __________________________ State: ______ Zip: _____________


      (daytime) __________________ (evening) _________________

      _______ Include me on your mailing list and send me P4P's annual
      newsletter, InGear.

      _______ Please do not include me on your mailing list.

      My contribution is:

      ______ $1000 ______ $500 ______ $250 ______ $100

      ______ $50 ______ $25 ______ OTHER


      VISA/MASTERCARD #______________________________________

      EXPIRATION DATE ________________________________________

      If contributing with a personal check, please make your check
      payable to:

      Pedals for Progress
      PO Box 312
      High Bridge, NJ 08829-0312

      *Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

      Thank You!

      *All information sent to Pedals For Progress will be held in strict
      confidence and no names and addresses will be sold or shared with
      other organizations.
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