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      Subject: [NPCANews] E-newsletter for June 2006

      Volume 3, Issue 6


      June 2006

      *Don't Miss It:
      Final Open House Slated for Baltimore*

      In honor of the 45th anniversary of Peace Corps--and the 10th
      anniversary of Crisis Corps--NPCA, Peace Corps and Maryland Returned
      Volunteers are planning a special Open House program that promises to be
      quite inspiring, with workshops, a panel on crisis mitigation and
      disaster response, and representation by several Country of Service
      groups. As always, there will be ample opportunity to rekindle Peace
      Corps friendships and meet those just starting their Peace Corps adventure.

      So join us on June 18 in Baltimore, MD. This is the final Open House in
      what has been a highly popular series of ten Open House events around
      the country. Get the details, RSVP, and learn about past Open Houses by
      visiting the NPCA Web site at www.peacecorpsconnect.org/openhouses
      . See you
      in Baltimore!

      *Meet Our Colleagues: NPCA's Interns*

      They're the unsung heroes of our office...they're our interns! Every
      year, NPCA is fortunate to host a number of student interns. Their
      energy and enthusiasm boosts our spirits--and they also do a lot of
      important work for the Peace Corps community. We're especially proud
      that many have gone on to become Peace Corps volunteers themselves.
      Click here

      to meet the 2006 summer interns!

      *Board Candidate Profiles Now Online*

      Three positions on the NPCA board are open for election in 2006.
      Eligible voters will receive a mailing in late June with instructions
      for voting online or for requesting a paper ballot. *Voting will take
      place from July 1 to July 31. Only current NPCA members may vote in the
      election*. Newly-elected members will begin their three-year terms on
      the NPCA board at the September 2006 meeting of the Board of Directors
      in Washington, DC. Meet the candidates and learn about current board
      representation by visiting www.peacecorpsconnect.org/elections

      *Alaska RPCVs Score Oil Dividend Victory for Serving Volunteers*

      The NPCA affiliates in Fairbanks and Anchorage, Alaska have been working
      since 1998 to restore Permanent Fund Dividends (PFD)--money given to
      Alaska residents each year from state oil tax reserve funds--to Alaska's
      serving Peace Corps volunteers. In the final days of last month, they
      finally succeeded.

      The 2005 dividend was worth $846. But to Peace Corps advocates, the PFD
      was always about more than just money; it was about citizenship in
      America's last frontier. The Alaskan courts use the PFD recipient list
      for jury duty instead of driver's licenses or voting records, and Peace
      Corps volunteers and Olympic athletes were the only two groups ever
      specifically removed from the list of allowable absences since the PFD's
      inception in 1982. With the governor's June 1st signature, the
      eligibility of Peace Corps volunteers has been restored.

      Look for more details on this victory in future NPCA advocacy headlines

      *Go Angelina and Brad One Better: Be a NetAid Mentor*

      Through the NPCA/NetAid Mentoring Program, NPCA and NetAid
      provide a unique opportunity for RPCVs to help
      educate, inspire and empower young people from across the U.S. to fight
      global poverty.

      By mentoring tomorrow's leaders:

      * We support the Third Goal of Peace Corps.
      * We foster the next generation of Peace Corps volunteers.
      * We "keep the flame alive."

      Applications are being accepted through July 15 for the next mentoring
      program beginning in September 2006. To apply and to read excerpts from
      the online exchange that took place in spring of 2006, click here

      *Friends of Thailand Thanks, Updates the Peace Corps Community*

      Friends of Thailand group leader Carolyn Nickels (second from left)
      recently wrote the following to her fellow RPCV group leaders:

      "A year and a half has passed since the tsunami caused so much
      destruction in the countries bordering the Indian Ocean. At midnight on
      January 9, 2005, Friends of Thailand launched /Project Restore/ to
      assist education communities throughout the tsunami-zone of southern
      Thailand in their recovery efforts. Two weeks later... I sent a message
      to all of you via this listserv about Friends of Thailand's effort.
      Almost immediately, the worldwide RPCV community responded with amazing
      speed and compassion... Donations from individual RPCVs began to arrive
      in huge stacks...." Click here

      *Share the World with Kids:
      NPCA's /Kids Around the World/ Web Site*

      * Will you be traveling to a developing country this summer?
      * Would you like to share your experiences with kids in the U.S.?

      Consider conducting interviews with children between the ages of five
      and 12 in developing countries for our Kids Around the World Web site
      . /Kids Around the World/ (www.katw.org) is a
      teaching tool that introduces elementary-age kids in the United States
      to the lives of children all over the world. The site includes child
      profiles with interviews and photographs of children in developing
      countries, as well as lesson plans and links to more information about
      the countries featured.

      /Kids Around the World/ is a great introduction to international and
      cultural issues for younger kids, and teachers in the U.S. and around
      the world are using this site to put a human face on countries across
      the globe.

      To find out more and to download the materials you will need to complete
      a child profile, please visit www.katw.org and
      click on "Get Involved," or e-mail Ellen Frierson
      for more information.

      *Hearing Held on Vasquez Nomination to Head FAO*

      The Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a brief confirmation hearing
      on May 24th for Peace Corps Director Gaddi Vasquez, nominated by
      President Bush to serve as representative to the United Nations Agencies
      for Food and Agriculture (FAO). Vasquez, the third longest-serving
      Director of the Peace Corps, will succeed former Congressman Tony P.
      Hall (RPCV Thailand). His nomination will likely go to the Senate before
      the July recess. Anticipating Vasquez's successor, NPCA has urged the
      White House to appoint an individual with strong connections to the
      Peace Corps, preferably an RPCV. Click here
      read his testimony (opens in .pdf format)


      *In This Issue*

      . Don't Miss It: Final Open House Slated for Baltimore <#11>

      . Meet Our Colleagues: NPCA's Interns <#22>

      . Board Candidate Profiles Now Online <#33>

      . Alaska RPCVs Score Oil Dividend Victory for Serving Volunteers <#44>

      . Go Angelina and Brad One Better: Be a NetAid Mentor <#55>

      . Friends of Thailand Thanks, Updates the Peace Corps Community <#66>

      . Share the World with Kids: NPCA's /Kids Around the World/ Web Site <#77>

      . Hearing Held on Vasquez Nomination to Head FAO <#88>


      *Peace Corps
      Community News*

      . The Case Foundation's Web site focus on water spotlights RPCV reports
      from the field

      . From Africa to Asia, a spirit of service binds a Peace Corps family

      . In predominately Muslim area, Peace Corps volunteer overcomes HIV/AIDS
      related taboos

      . Oldest known returned Peace Corps volunteer turns 100

      . Jeff Barry (Comoros) gives new meaning to "green grocer"

      . Zachary McNish (Panama) receives Duke Law School service medal

      . On the NPCA Bulletin board: "Child from Every Nation" Project...more

      . Seeking: Paul and Anne Kaprowski, Mr. Klumpp... more

      . On the NPCA Calendar: NPCA Open House, Friends of Paraguay picnic,
      Friends of Costa Rica reunion ... more

      . Peace Corps community news clippings updated daily!


      *Last Chance*

      . June 16: Deadline for Nominations for The Shriver Award for
      Humanitarian Service


      Click here
      resources and information about celebrating 45 years of service at home
      and abroad!


      *Register Now for September Advocacy Activities*

      NPCA Advocacy Program is gearing up for a series of activities in
      Washington, DC on September 13-15. The centerpiece will be *Capitol Hill
      Advocacy Day on Thursday, September 14th*. We need your voice on issues
      related to Peace Corps and other global concerns. Register today to
      participate and click here
      for regular updates on
      Capitol Hill and other advocacy programs this coming September.


      *Apply or Donate:
      James R. Collins Magazine Publishing Fellowship*

      July 15 is the deadline to submit an application for the 2006-2007 James
      R. Collins Magazine Publishing Fellowship. Get further information on
      how to apply

      ...or contribute to
      this new fellowship fund, which is named in honor of Jim Collins
      the late associate publisher of /WorldView/.


      Visit NPCA's interactive online career center
      . You'll find job search
      resources, job listings


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