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RPCVs Needed in Muncie, IN

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  • Diatta, Jamie
    Dear Muncie-Area RPCVs: Winter greetings from the Chicago Peace Corps office! I am just a few weeks away from my next visit to Muncie. I am sending you this
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 18, 2006
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      Dear Muncie-Area RPCVs:


      Winter greetings from the Chicago Peace Corps office!  I am just a few weeks away from my next visit to Muncie.  I am sending you this e-mail to keep you informed of Peace Corps activities on your campus.


      I will be visiting the Ball State University campus briefly next week, and again from February 21-23rd.  For a peek at the activities I've planned, check out the following web page: http://www.peacecorps.gov/index.cfm?shell=meet.regrec.event&eventid=73253&city=chicago


      More importantly, there are some special events this semester that I would like to notify you about.  In February there will be a Peace Corps dinner reception on the Ball State campus-I hope you will come!  This weekend the Office of Student Volunteer Services is showing Volunteers- that great Peace Corps movie.  Any chance you could attend to tell student about the real Peace Corps?  Also, I am looking for one RPCV to be a panelist in February, and another RPCV to be a guest speaker at my February information meeting.  All details are below.  If you can help out at any of these events, please let me know!


      2006 Peace Corps International Reception

      The dinner reception will bring together Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, the families of currently serving Volunteers, Ball State students who are preparing for service in 2006, and Ball State's international students. Please plan on bringing an international dish to share.  Invitations will be mailed during the first week of February.

                  Date: Wednesday, February 22, 2006

                  Time: 6-8pm

                  Location: BSU Center for International Programs, Student Center


      Late Nite Program

      Student Volunteer Services is showing the movie Volunteers, featuring Tom Hanks and John Candy.  As many of you may know, this comedy is about Tom Hanks' fictional Peace Corps experience.  Student Volunteer Services has requested that a RPCV attend this event to speak about what Peace Corps is really like and to hand out Peace Corps materials.

                  Date: Saturday, January 21st, 2006

                  Time: 8:30pm-1:00am

                  Location: Ball State University Campus (specific location TBA)


      Volunteer Panel Discussion

      Student Volunteer Services is organizing a panel discussion for their Week of Action.  SVS would like to have one panelist talk about Peace Corps.  Although I will be on the Ball State campus during this week, I will be gone by the time of the panel discussion.  There will be a total of five panelists, and the discussion will last one hour.  The office of Student Volunteer Services will send each panelist specific questions to address during the discussion.

                  Date: Thursday, February 23rd

                  Time: 3-4pm

                  Location: Forum Room, Student Center


      Peace Corps Information Meeting

      Each semester I hold an information meeting on the Ball State campus for students.  I would like to have one RPCV attend the early part of the meeting to speak for about 10 minutes about his/her Peace Corps experience. 

                  Date: Tuesday, February 21st

                  Time: 6-8pm (guest speaker is needed from 6:30-6:45pm and can leave after that)

                  Location:  BSU Center for International Programs, Student Center


      If you know of other RPCVs in the Muncie area, please forward this e-mail to them and encourage them to contact me so I can add them to this list.


      If you prefer not to receive e-mails from me, please let me know and I will remove your name from this list.


      See you in Muncie!




      Jamie Diatta



      Chicago Peace Corps Office

      Volunteer, Senegal 1999-2001

      Tel:  800.424.8580

      Direct:  312.353.1126



      "The world is a book.  Those who do not travel have read only one page."




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