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76Peace Corps Fund (forwarded from John Coyne)

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  • Richard Sitler
    Aug 8, 2005
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      The PeaceCorpsFund is moving fast towards our September special
      event to raise funds to support RPCV projects within the U.S.

      The PeaceCorpsFund is not a membership organization. It has been
      established to help RPCVs to fund local projects to educate
      Americans about the world we knew as Volunteers. There is no paid
      staff, no full time office space, and all the work done for the
      PeaceCorpsFund is done by RPCVs volunteering their time as a Third
      Goal effort.

      Now you can help. I need you to do two things.

      1) Donate an item for our auction.

      2) Send this email onto your RPCV friends and others who support
      the work of the Peace Corps.


      It is a wide range of items that you can donate. For example, a
      number of famous RPCV writers have sent me signed, first editions of
      their books. A Paris apartment has been donated so a couple or
      family can spend a week in Paris. We have a beautiful chess board
      sent by a RPCV from Krgyzstan, a rug from Romania, wines from NYC
      merchants. The list goes on and on.

      The event on September 29th is in NYC and tickets will be for sale
      next week. Go to our website: www.peacecorpsfund.org for more
      information. We will have food prepared by famous NY chefs that
      represent the countries where we served. We will have international
      music. We will honor and present grants to five New York City RPCVs
      who have spent their careers teaching in the city, celebrating a
      lifetime of service to others.

      What You Should Now Do

      Download the auction forms from this email, fill it out, and email
      it back to Stacey Flanagan at SLFLANNY@....

      (Everything you donate, of course, is tax deducible.)

      If you want more information about the event call Jeff Susman at:
      212.228.3128 or email him at: stormdenny@....

      Peace Corps Fund

      c/o Neighborhood Preservation Center

      232 East 11th Street

      New York, New York


      Make sure you forward this email onto RPCVs you know.

      Thanks for all your help. Keep it going.

      John Coyne