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64Thank You!!

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  • nunsa79
    May 4, 2005
      Hello CIRPCA Members!

      I just wanted to send a quick thank to all of you for your advice
      and support over the past few months as I've prepared for my Peace
      Corps service. You have been wonderful!! (Thanks, Sara, for
      introducing me to this group!). Currently, I am wrapping up things
      here in Indy, since I am departing on May 25th. I will be working
      in Azerbaijan as an agribusiness advisor on a community economic
      development project. At the last meeting many of you asked for my
      contact information, so I wanted to make sure to pass it along to
      you. I would hate to lose touch with such an amazing group of
      people! If you wish to receive email updates from me, just visit
      the website listed below and click on "Join This Group." Thanks
      again for everything!

      Warmest regards,

      Nancy Meyer
      US Peace Corps Trainee
      PO Box #77, AZ 1000
      Baku, Azerbaijan