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52Walk for Homeless Needs Team Members &/or Donations

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  • ombili9
    Mar 6, 2005
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      Referencing prior message #42.

      I still have hopes that CIRPCA can assist in achieving the goal.
      CIRPCA's goal is 25 members, even if you can not walk that day then
      you can still be a member and assist in raising $$. Our goal to be
      raised is $5000. Currently, we have 4 members and have raised $470,
      so we have a long way to go in one month.

      The HOMEWARD BOUND - Indiana's 5K Walk to Fight Homelessness!" is a
      fundraising walk-a-thon that takes place on Sunday, April 10, 2005
      at Veteran's Memorial Plaza in downtown Indianapolis. It is one of
      eight walks statewide that will raise more than $500,000 for local
      homeless and affordable housing programs. Dollars raise locally will
      STAY LOCAL to provide services such as shelter, food, and other
      needed support services for Indiana's homeless citizens.

      I understand that some people have had troubles trying to join the
      group, so I will try to give the easiest way to do that. Go to
      Then click on Indianapolis
      Click on Register Here
      Click on I agree
      Click on "Join a Team"
      Under "Join an existing team" use the scroll bar to pick "Central
      Indiana Returned Peace Corps Association"
      Then fill in the required information and follow along with
      instructions from there.

      After you register(remember your user ID & password) you can
      continue to go back to the page and use the tools in order to send
      emails that are already formatted to request donations from

      DONATE: If you can not become a team member then please support
      CIRPCA by donating to a member of the walking team. You can do this
      by going to http://www.homelesswalks.org
      Click on Indianapolis
      On the right side under "Team Rank" click on " more" then click on
      CIRPCA and click on a team member to donate online or print out a

      If you have any questions then please feel free to call/email me.

      Thanks, Debbie
      627-8982 ombili9@...

      Namibia 00-02