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  • Chicago Recruiter Guy
    Feb 2, 2005
      Dear RPCVs,

      Numerous RPCVs said that they would be happy to be a guest speaker
      for my presentations in Indianapolis. I want to invite all that said
      they would be willing to just show up at the presentations next

      I will be with another recruiter from Chicago. Please just come in a
      little early and introduce yourself to me or Ken Surdin (other
      recruiter). We will then give you the lowdown on the presentation
      and when you will be asked to talk about your time in service.
      Additionally, we would like you to stay up there with us for the
      questions and answer session.

      Here are the locations and time. I will be heading to DePauw and
      missing the presentation at U of I, but will be back for Butler. We
      will probably be returning to our hotel downtown after the last
      presentation, but would be willing to go out and grab beers with
      anyone afterward. See you there!

      General Information Session
      University College Lower Level
      Wednesday, February 9th, Noon – 1:45pm

      General Information Session
      University of Indianapolis
      Schwitzer Student Center Atrium
      Wednesday, February 9th, 2:30-4:00pm

      General Information Session
      Butler University
      Holcomb Building Room 122
      Wednesday, February 9th, 7:00-9:00pm

      Finally, If anyone could help post flyers at local libraries, places
      of worship, businesses, workplace, etc., please send me an email to
      grenda@.... I will then send you a flyers that you can
      print out and hang where ever.


      Gregory Alfonso Renda
      United States Peace Corps
      Recruitment Representative
      Volunteer El Salvador '96-'98

      55 W. Monroe, Suite 450
      Chicago, IL 60603

      800-424-8580, 0ption 1