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46Still have International Calendars

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  • richs85@YAHOO.COM
    Jan 26, 2005
      Hello Everyone!
      I still have 18 International Calendars that are looking for a home
      (or an office space). The calendars are still the low, low price of
      $6.00 and I will mail them to you for free. So, if you already have
      one and your friends and family are admiring yours then suggest that
      they buy one. A buck and some change goes to our organization to go
      to outreach expenses - Peace Corps Week specifically.
      So, please help us sale these remaining calendars. They are a great
      learning tool for kids and adults alike!
      E-mail me (Richard Sitler) at richs85@... for the calendars,
      tell me how many you want and the address to mail them to. You can
      pay at your convenience by check made out to me and mailed to P.O.
      Box 154, Knightstown, Indiana 46148.
      Thank you,