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387PC Moldova event

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  • Victoria Filbrandt
    Feb 16, 2013
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      Hello or Buna ziua, as we say here in Moldova!


      I would first like to introduce myself as Victoria Filbrandt, a Peace Corps volunteer in Moldova, a quaint Eastern European country. Along with 2 other volunteers, we are working on planning an event where we will be walking across our small, beautiful country with the goal of promoting volunteerism and a healthy life-style, be it the 20th anniversary of Peace Corps in Moldova as well. The event, Turul Moldovei, is a 15-day walk where we will be stopping in various villages each day to hold events for the village’s youth and community members. We will walk anywhere from 6 to 18 miles per day.


      The reason I am writing to you today is because we need some extra help and what is better than helping out a group of Peace Corps volunteers on the other side of the world! Sue Murphy, one of the other primary organizers of the event is one of your own, a local from Bloomington, IN. We are not asking for monetary donations, nonetheless if you would rather we are accepting. Since this walk will be in the summer, heat, sun and exhaustion will be our primary obstacles. We are looking for donated goods such to help us over come these obstacles and make the walk and event as a whole as enjoyable as possible with your added help! Any and all things, big or small are appreciated. Please see the below list of suggested items. We are also seeking items to perhaps give out at the many events.   



      Reflective tape or shirts

      Iodine tablets




      Dried fruit

      Granola Bars (any kind)

      Snacks for the road

      Peanut Butter


      We look forward from hearing from you soon! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.



      Victoria Filbrandt

      Peace Corps Moldova, Health Education Specialist