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348RPCV Action Needed to Pass Kate Puzey Legislation

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  • First Response Action
    Jul 13, 2011
      Greetings RPCV group -

      The Kate Puzey Peace Corps Protection Act was introduced June 23 in the House and June 27 in the Senate.  As of this moment, the House bill has 30 co-sponsors and the Senate bill has 9 co-sponsors.  In fact, the National Peace Corps Association, the largest group catering to Returned Volunteers, has expressed their support for the Kate Puzey Peace Corps Protection Act.  Their support is critical, and so is support from other RPCV groups across the U.S. like yours.

      Would you be willing to help advocate for this important legislation to support Volunteers who experience or report crime?

      Here are three BIG ways that you and your RPCV members can help! 
      • Call your local representatives (current location, hometown, college town, etc.) and ask them to co-sponsor the bill - If you need it, you can visit this link to find names and numbers for your House representatives and this link to find your Senate representatives.  You can visit our partner Kate's Voice, begun in memory of the murdered Volunteer Kate Puzey, to visit their guide to contacting representatives.  All of this information and more is available on a blog post here.
      • Contact House Foreign Affairs and Senate Foreign Affairs Committee members to ask them to co-sponsor the bill.  Visit our blog post here for contact names, numbers and emails for the representatives who have yet to sign on.
      • Contact House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Ileana Ros-Lehtinen to ask her to bring this bill up for a vote before the August recess.  Call her D.C. office at 202-225-3931 and let her staff know that you are in favor of increased support for Volunteers who become victims of crime and those who report crime.

      We greatly appreciate you forwarding this to your RPCV group members, posting to facebook or sharing information with your RPCV group members at functions or events.  Any amount of time that you or your members may be willing to call, email or visit local representatives to let them know how important this bill is and why you support it is vital to it's passing!

      Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.  First Response Action has been working on this issue for nearly two years and is passionate about Peace Corps and support for all Peace Corps Volunteers.  If you'd like a speaker at your next RPCV gathering, please reply to this email.  We have supporters throughout the country who would be willing to talk about this issue in more detail.

      Here's to positive change!

      Casey and the board of First Response Action

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