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320for Peace Corps 50th: looking for audio recordings from your service

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  • Amy Mayer
    Dec 13 9:24 AM



      I am sending this message to about 15 RPCV (geographic) groups around the country. Feel free to forward it to your members or other networks of RPCVs, including COS groups.


      I’m a freelance public radio producer and writer in western Massachusetts (see my work here) and I am convinced that there exists a treasure trove of audio recorded by PCVs in a variety of countries over the past 50 years. In honor of the milestone anniversary in 2011, I am seeking RPCVs with audio who would be interested in sharing their recordings. I’d like to produce a documentary that presents the Peace Corps through those recordings you made and interviews I conduct with you in the early part of 2011.

      Recordings can be in any format (I’ll deal with digitizing them) from any country, any time period and in any language. (For recordings of people speaking languages other than English or Spanish I will rely on you to either translate sections of them or to help me find a native speaker of the language who can help with translation—we do not need to translate hours and hours of tape).


      Local music, festivals, celebrations and other events would be perfect sounds for this project.


      Please email me (amy@...) or call me at 413-773-8904 (eastern time zone) if you have audio and are interested in participating. Please include in your email your country and dates of service, where you currently live, the format of your recordings (cassette, microcassette, reel-to-reel, digital, etc.) and, to the best of your memory, approximately what might be on your recordings.


      Again, please forward this widely to your RPCV networks.


      Thank you very much and I am looking forward to hearing 50 years of Peace Corps service.




      Amy Mayer

      (daughter of a 1962-64 PCV in (then) Ceylon)

      Amy Mayer
      10 Walnut Street
      Greenfield, MA 01301