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32International Festival Report

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  • Debbie
    Nov 9, 2004
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      On Wednesday Nov. 3, Vicki Ingersoll, Natalie Farrior, Colleen
      Turner, Norm Yeh, and myself assisted at the Exposition Hall in
      order to set-up, which was fast and easy. There was information
      describing Peace Corps and CIRPCA and World Wise School information
      for educators and bookmarks/stickers, as well as pictures from
      Vicki, Natalie, Norm, and I's PC experience. As soon as we get
      pictures developed, I'll post what our booth looked like. On
      Saturday, Richard was able to get a copy of the recruitment video
      that he had lended Sara, so he brought in his small TV/VCR, and we
      were able to play the recruitment video throughout Sat. & Sun.
      Thanks to Sara's mom for bring it to the Fairgrounds and dropping it

      Over the weekend, we got contact information for 5 more RPCV's in
      this area, and there were other RPCV's in the area who have gotten
      the notices about the meeting who left the booth saying "Oh, I will
      go to the next meeting." In addition to those who have returned we
      talked to all ages of people who are thinking of going, and people
      whose family members are overseas now. We had lots of different
      receptions, but mostly positive. I recall one man telling Vicki and
      I that more funding from the government should be used for political
      activities. A city employee for Anderson, IN stopped by and got
      contact information, so that we can attend their International
      Festival in June 05.

      A huge thank you to all of you who gave your time to work during the
      festival. Those include: Elizabeth Hinshaw-Osgood, Natalie Farrior,
      Rich Sitler, Henry Nykaza, Michael Cupp, James Williams, Colleen
      Turner, James Phillips, Vicki Ingersoll, Cathy Fuller, Norm Yeh.
      Also, thanks to Greg Renda from the Chicago PC office for giving us
      pamphlets and recruiting books.

      I had a wonderful time this weekend! We had at least one person for
      every shift and on Saturday I saw first hand that there was a lot of
      overlap, which meant we had 2-3 people at the booth. It was great to
      talk with everyone.

      In closing, I would like to end with a quote that an elderly man
      said to a few of us upon his arrival at the booth on Saturday. I've
      thought about ideas to improve upon the booth for future years, so
      if anyone else has any ideas, please pass them this way.

      Cheers, Debbie

      Again, THANK YOU so much for those of you who assisted in making the
      CIRPCA's attendance at the festival possible.

      "How can we get the Peace Corps over there and bring our soldiers