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305CIRPCA Potluck: August 26th

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  • abluewindow
    Jul 9, 2010
      Hi all,

      The next reunion of us former PCVs in Indiana has been set for August 26th from 6:30 to 9 p.m. It will be held at Ben Eddy's new home, located at 2422 E. Northgate Street, Indianapolis.

      It will be a potluck. Feel free to bring a standard picnic/cookout side dish. Alcohol is also welcome. If you want to bring something to grill out, whether meat or veggies, feel free to give Ben or myself a heads up so we can work that out by emailing us at benjamineddy@... or nicolettemendenhall@.... We will work you in for some grill time on Ben's grill.

      As there are a few vegetarians in the group, side dishes or main dishes without meat would be especially appreciated, but we will try to make sure that there are some main dishes with meat for the meat lovers of the group.

      Jonathon, from the National Peace Corps Association, will be driving to Indy to be a guest at the event. As the Central Asian RPCVs were put in charge, you can expect to suffer through long-winded toasts every few minutes to our having long lives and good health...as well as bad disco music and vodka that has been watered down and freezes.

      Can't wait to see you all there. Feel free to rsvp to Ben at the above email address, especially if you want to get a sense of what foods may already be taken care of for the event so you can pick out what to bring.

      Nicky Mendenhall
      Turkmenistan 2002-2004

      Ben Eddy
      Kyrgystan 2002-2004