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298Thanks to those who were patient to view my work at the gathering

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  • richs85
    Oct 21, 2009
      Thank you to those who were patient to look at my images last night as I
      struggled with technical difficulties during the CIPCA gathering. To those
      who missed the gathering you missed some good food and conversation as

      For more information and how to support my work visually documenting Peace
      Corps volunteers please read:

      "Making Peace with the World" needs you!

      "Making Peace with the World" is a photo documentary project by
      Photojournalist RPCV Richard Sitler (Peace Corp Volunteer Jamaica
      2000-2002, Crisis Corps Volunteer Jamaica 2006).

      As posted by the National Peace Corps Association, "In 2011, the Peace
      Corps community will be marking 50 years from when President Kennedy asked
      us to give two years of our lives to travel abroad, help others help
      themselves, and bring our experiences home in ways that serve the
      country." The "Making Peace with the World" documentary will serve
      the Peace Corps in marking its 50th anniversary by the production of a
      documentary project, photo/essay book and blog that will give an intimate
      view of the everyday life and service of a cross section of today's Peace
      Corps volunteers. This project will help the viewer obtain a feeling of
      ownership of and participation in the Peace Corps. This documentary will
      advance the essential work of Peace Corps by promoting the work of
      today's volunteers in order to encourage viewers of the project to
      support Peace Corps.

      Richard is seeking publicity and funding for the project. In the Peace
      Corps spirit of "the power of individuals to make a difference" you can
      provide the necessary assistance to make possible the completion of this

      Please help by donating as little as $5 to
      Help with publicity for this project by telling your friends, family and
      colleagues to check it out!

      Visit the following web sites for a sample of project photographs and to
      find out more about the project:

      http://www.thepoint.com/campaigns/making-peace-with-the-world (The Point
      includes fund raising for the project and also posts and announcements)

      http://www.smalltownphotojournalist.com/ (Richard's small town
      photojournalist site includes a slides show of various small town photos,
      essays on his recent travel experiences, a slide show of Paraguay photos,
      previous posts and photo archives)

      http://glimpse.org/accounts/facebook_789907501/profile/ (Richard's
      "Glimpse" blog: Glimpse –Your Stories from Abroad – Supported in
      part by National Geographic Society).

      http://www.lightstalkers.org/richard_rutledge_sitler (lightstalkers site
      includes Richard's bio and photo galleries)

      "http://www.richard-sitler.com/" http://www.richard-sitler.com/
      (Richard's web site includes Richard's resume, contact information,
      portfolio and licensing and sales information)

      (Richard's Peace Corps Connect blog)

      Accomplishments to Date:

      Richard has begun documenting the service of Peace Corps volunteers in
      Inter-America and the Caribbean. He has shadowed volunteers in the
      following countries: Jamaica, Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama,
      Paraguay, Peru and Ecuador.

      Richard states, "I have photographed volunteers in the sectors of youth
      development, small business and economic development, health, environment
      and agriculture. Although the volunteers' main projects are in specific
      sectors, volunteers become involved in a myriad of projects and activities
      as they become immersed in their communities. The volunteers I have
      photographed have been from all over the U.S. States - represented so far
      are volunteers from Indiana, Iowa, Virginia, Washington, California, New
      York and Colorado. The volunteers also represent the racial and cultural
      diversity of the United States. The sites and host country people also
      have been diverse. I have photographed volunteers in different settings,
      from a highland coffee growing region of beautiful mists and sudden rain
      showers in Nicaragua to a volunteer in a sleepy Belize village near a Mayan

      Needed for Completion:

      In order to complete the project, Richard is seeking funding via the web
      site The Point. He is currently back in the United States to raise funds
      to document volunteers in Africa, Europe and the Mediterranean, Central and
      East Asia and the Pacific. Please help this project come to fruition by
      providing support via The Point (
      http://www.thepoint.com/campaigns/making-peace-with-the-world). Or, you
      may send a donation directly to Richard by contacting him at HYPERLINK
      "mailto:RichS85@..." RichS85@... for details.