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  • Meghan Steele
    Oct 4, 2009
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      Hi all!  I am new to this group.  I am a RPCV ('98-'00) from Samoa.  As you know, Samoa was hit by an earthquake and tsunami on Tuesday 9.29.09.  I have family in Samoa and luckily they are all fine as they live in Matautu-uta on the north side of Upolu. 
      A former PCV that I served with, Kevin Petrini, lives in Samoa with his wife and runs a yoga retreat.  He has setup a site to receive donations to help with immediate relief and now intermediate relief.  He was out delivering supplies to the tsunami victims as early as Tuesday afternoon.  Please visit his website http://www.rawshakti.com/tsunamirelief.php and donate if you are able.  I fully endorse him and can assure you that all donations are going to the victims of Samoa.  He's also posted pictures and videos of the devastation he's seen on his deliveries and has started a project to help rebuild Namua Island.
      Tofa Soifua,
      Meghan Steele