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288Fw: Volunteer opportunities from Encore!

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  • Stephanie Schuck
    May 23, 2009

      "In the end, we will conserve only what we love.  We will love only what we understand.  We will understand what we are taught."
                                                                                           -Baba Dioum, Senegalese conservationist

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      Dear Encore! Member,
      We are very excited about the new partnership we have to place Encore! Volunteers in  expense paid, capacity building assignments in agriculture around the world, including our first assignments in Moldova and Georgia! But these are highly technical, specialized positions, and I need your help recruiting volunteers.

      I welcome all your suggestions for getting the word out about these wonderful opportunities. Please feel free to email me at susan@... or call me at (202) 299-0489 with your ideas.



      Building local capacity, around the world

      SEVEN Expense Paid Agricultural Expert Volunteer Opportunities

      Please let me know if you are interested in any of the  following exciting assignments, and I will send you the full description and qualifications! My email is susan@....

      If you are not interested, I would really appreciate your help and/or suggestions for spreading the word:

      1) LOCATION: Kumi, Uganda   
      CROP OR VALUE CHAIN: oil seed crops   
      START DATE: Aug-09
      LENGTH OF ASSIGNMENT: 20 days   
      ASSIGNMENT: Postharvest handling & agro processing of groundnuts

      2) LOCATION: Kapchorwa, Uganda   
      CROP OR VALUE CHAIN: cereal crops   
      START DATE: open   
      LENGTH OF ASSIGNMENT: 19 days   
      ASSIGNMENT: Feasibility study to establish grain processing plant

      3) LOCATION: Matombo,Tanzania   
      CROP OR VALUE CHAIN: citrus fruits       
      LENGTH OF ASSIGNMENT: 24 days    
      ASSIGNMENT: Train farmers to harvest, grade, pack citrus fruits.

      4) LOCATION: Zugdidi, West Georgia   
      CROP OR VALUE CHAIN: hazelnuts   
      START DATE: Aug-09   
      LENGTH F ASSIGNMENT: 14 days   
      ASSIGNMENT: Improve hazelnut processing technology

      5) LOCATION: Samtskhe-Djavakheti, Georgia   
      CROP OR VALUE CHAIN: dairy   
      START DATE: Sep-09   
      LENGTH OF ASSIGNMENT: 14 days   
      ASSIGNMENT: Market dairy plant

      6) LOCATION: Chisinau, Moldova   
      CROP OR VALUE CHAIN: table grapes   
      LENGTH OF ASSIGNMENT:23 days   
      ASSIGNMENT: Table Grapes Packing House Development

      7) LOCATION: Chisinau, Moldova   
      CROP OR VALUE CHAIN: table grapes   
      START DATE: Sep-09   
      LENGTH OF ASSIGNMENT: 19 days   
      ASSIGNMENT: Table Grapes Post-Harvest Technology

      To be considered for an Encore! Volunteer assignment, you must have an up-to-date profile in our database. To join, just go to http://www.encoreservicecorps.org/join.cfm.

        2009 Board of Directors: 
      Chairperson, Russell Morgan (RPCV 66-69)
      Treasurer, Tom Fox (Staff: Togo, Burkina Faso, 65-72)
      Co-Founder Jerr Boschee (RPCV India 68-70)
       Richard Glazer (RPCV Malawi 66-68)
      Christine James-Brown
      Co-Founder Chris Klose RPCV India 68-70)
                  John Riggan (RPCV Kenya 65-67, staff Kenya, Chad 67-72)

      WHO WE ARE
      Encore! Service Corps International is a 501 c (3) volunteer service organization comprised of 1,800 skilled professionals who are former Peace Corps Volunteers, Peace Corps staff, and others with similar overseas development experience. Encore! Volunteers offer a unique blend of:

      ·    Cross-cultural experience
      ·    Professional expertise
      ·    Commitment to service

      Our vision is to generate significant social and economic change in local communities in the developing world.
      Expand local capacity for measurable, targeted social and economic development.
      We partner with NGOs and other international organizations to design capacity building projects with mutually agreed upon, measurable goals and recruits volunteers with specific professional expertise, as requested, on a project-by-project basis.

      Contact Information:

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