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278Reminder: Peace Corps at Ball State

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  • Blum, Betsy
    Dec 29 7:13 AM



      PEACE CORPS REPRESENTATIVE will be at Ball State

      January 14th & 15th

      February 17th & 18th


      December 29, 2008


      Greetings from the Chicago Regional Recruiting Office!


      We politely request that you assist us in spreading the word about Peace Corps.  Only with your continued support we can continue to reach and encourage individuals within your community to consider servings as Peace Corps Volunteers!


      Peace Corps Regional Recruiter, Betsy Blum, who served in Guinea, will be visiting Ball State, introducing community members to the Peace Corps experience.  She and other Returned Peace Corps Volunteers will share what it’s really like to be immersed in a new culture helping others half-way around the globe and how the two-year service changed their perspective on the world.


      The work of Peace Corps volunteers is diverse and includes a range of programs within education, youth and community development, health, HIV/AIDS prevention, information technology, business development, environment and agriculture, as well as secondary projects initiated by volunteers themselves, such as book drives, school and house construction, community businesses and much more.


      è    Opportunities in Education, Youth Outreach, Community Development include: Primary Education Teacher Training, Secondary Education English Teacher Training, Secondary Education Mathematics or Science Teaching, Secondary Education English Teaching, Special Education Teacher Training, University English Teaching, Youth Outreach, Community Development, and Sign Language.  If you do not have the ability to serve as a Peace Corps Education Volunteer at this time – Consider connecting with a Volunteer through our World Wise Schools program or sharing with your students our Peace Corps {teens} web site!


      è    Opportunities in Health and HIV/AIDS include: Health Extension, Public Health Education, Water and Sanitation Extension, and HIV/AIDS.


      è    Opportunities in Business Development and Information Technology include: Business Advising, Business Development, Nongovernmental Organization Development, Urban and Regional Planning, and Information Technology.


      è    Opportunities in Environment include: Environmental Education and Awareness, Forestry, Parks and Wildlife, and Environmental and Water Resources Engineering.


      è    Opportunities in Agriculture include: Agroforestry, Applied Agriculture, Farm Management and Agribusiness, and Animal Husbandry.


      Since 1961, more than 190,000 volunteers have helped promote a better understanding between Americans and the people of the 139 countries where volunteers have been invited to serve.  Returned Peace Corps volunteers’ commitment to service often continues back home in their communities and around the globe.


      Regardless of the work area, Peace Corps Volunteers gain two years of professional experience in a developing country.  Volunteers learn new languages and cultures, develop project and management skills, espouse flexibility and initiative, and enrich their classroom instruction in cross-cultural settings.  Peace Corps creates global citizens prepared to engage in a competitive workforce.


      I will be on campus  January 14th & 15th and February 17th & 18th, and would like the opportunity to speak with your majors in a specialized information session to discuss opportunities or speak to your classes, halls, or organizations about our international opportunities.  Information sessions take about an hour.  When I speak to classes and organizations, I take 5-10 minutes providing a brief introduction about Peace Corps, sharing about the life of a Peace Corps Volunteer and the benefits associated with service, and answering any questions students may have.


      If you are interested in having me talk about Peace Corps with your majors, with your organization, or with your classes, please contact me at bblum@....  If you are unable to take time out of your class period, please inform me if you would like a folder of information to share with your students/colleagues.  In addition, through your leadership position, I would sincerely appreciate if you provide your students and colleagues with information about the opportunities Peace Corps has to offer in one or all of the following ways:


      • Encourage students and colleagues to attend our general information sessions listed below



      • Display posters and/or flyers in your department area (if desired, please contact me at bblum@... so I can mail you copies!)


      • Play a Peace Corps short DVD clip during one of your class periods / meetings (if desired, please contact me at bblum@... so I can mail you a DVD)


      • Forward this message to interested students, faculty, and friends



      Learn about the ultimate international volunteer experience:

      NREM Internship & Career Fair
      Thursday January 15th, 2009
      12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
      Ball State Alumni Center
      Ball State University

      Cardinal Job Fair
      10:00am- 3:00pm
      Worthen Arena
      Ball State University

      Wednesday January 14th, 2009
      6:30pm- 8:00 pm
      Multipurpose Room in the
      Student Center

      Tuesday February 17th, 2009
      6:30pm- 8:00pm
      Student Center Room 306
      We will watch a short video highlighting a few volunteers in their global communities, talk about the application process, and discuss the benefits of service. All are welcome!

      Wednesday January 14th, 2009
      9am- 3pm
      Student Center Room 304

      Tuesday February 17th, 2009
      12pm- 5pm
      3rd floor of the
      Career Center in Lucina Hall

      Why should I apply early? Because I want to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer and positions fill quickly! It is currently taking between 9 and 12 months from the time you submit the application until the time you step on an airplane to start your service.

      *You MUST submit a completed application online TWO weeks prior to the interview date in order to be considered for an interview.  Once you have submitted your application, contact Betsy at bblum@... or 312-353-7745 to schedule an interview. 



      Peace Corps Volunteers:


      §         Must be 18 years old (Peace Corps has volunteers at all stages of life – recent graduates and grad students; mid-career professionals; those in transition or taking sabbatical; active retirees)


      §         Must be U.S. citizens


      §         Must be in good health


      §         Live and work at a grass roots level in a community that has requested assistance with their community and economic development


      §         Receive round-trip international airfare, housing, complete medical and dental health care, three months of technical, cultural, and language training, a living stipend, and a readjustment allowance of more than $6,000 when they complete their 27 months of service


      §         Are eligible for student loan deferment with most lenders


      §         Are eligible to apply for a Peace Corps Master’s International program and/or Peace Corps Fellows program if they desire to pursue a graduate degree


      §         Are eligible for a preferred hiring status when applying for federal government jobs following Peace Corps service





       Thanks so much for your consideration!  I look forward to hearing from you.




      Betsy Blum

      Regional Recruiter

      Peace Corps- Chicago

      55 W. Monroe, Suite 450

      Chicago, IL 60603


      Volunteer, Guinea 2004-2006






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