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266Volunteer Opportunity

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  • Michael Riley
    Sep 17, 2008
      American Red Cross Response Center Call Agent
      Often people want to help when a national disaster (hurricanes Hanna
      and Ike) occur but can not take the time from other duties to respond.
      The American Red Cross Call Center offers an opportunity to assist and
      stay in central Indiana. During a national disaster, call center
      agents answer calls to the Red Cross help-line. That is, people in the
      disaster area call their local Red Cross and we answer the phone from
      central Indiana. The call center agent gathers essential information
      about caller and situation, provides relevant information, makes
      referrals and gives support to the individuals affected by the
      disasters. Call Agents work 4 to 8 hour shifts, weekdays, weeknights
      and weekends. Internet navigation skills are required. Additional
      information is available through our basic on-line training at
      www.redcross-indy.org/callcenter. The telephone contact number is
      317-684-4309, which has a voice mail to receive calls.
      Mike Riley
      Nigeria 8