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  • Debbie Anderson
    Jul 27 5:48 AM
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      UKINANA! That is Ilocano for ..., well, never you mind what that is Ilocano for. 


      Sunday the 27th I will be out of town volunteering at a Boy Scout Summer camp.I do want to discuss the idea of the RPCV group forming a local volunteer corp to address local problems. (The idea came to me while lamenting, yet again, how I felt perfectly safe walking the slums of Manila, but will not dare enter certain Indianapolis neighborhoods.) The concept is still in its nascent stage, rolling around in my head. Next week I will reduce my idea to writing and will  send out an email to solicit ideas, comments, suggestions from the august assembled.  Perhaps anyone interested can meet with me a little later some evening or whenever to further develop this idea.


      I will be back in touch soon.


      Michael White