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231Peace Corps volunteers Jerry and Shazia

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  • Richard Sitler
    Aug 22, 2007
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      I had the pleasure of staying with two Peace Corps volunteers from Indiana and
      photographing their work. Jerry Wagner and Shazia Davis were gracious hosts and subjects
      for me
      as I begin work on a personal project to do photo story of Peace Corps volunteers around the
      Shazia lives in a isolated village on the Caribbean coast in Panama called Palenque.
      Jerry lives in a rural village called Lucky Strike in Belize. Last I heard he and the rest of the
      Belize volunteers were consolidated in the capital city of Belmopan as a result of the
      hurricane. I am sure that he and the rest of the volunteers are okay and have their work cut
      out for them as relief work begins.
      I have posted just a small sample of the photos I took of Jerry and Shazia.
      I hope to go back to Belize next week to take more pictures of Jerry to document this new
      aspect of his service, dealing with the aftermath of the hurricane.
      All in all, Jerry and Shazia are excellent volunteers. I was very impressed with their work and
      how they both have become integretated members of their communities. They are to be