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211Indy kids go to Benin

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  • Stephanie Schuck
    Apr 6, 2007
      I met with a group of teenagers quite a while ago that work with YPress, which is run by the Indianapolis Star.  They planned on going to Benin and were in the process of doing research on the trip.  Here is a link to what they discovered and wrote about.  They were in Benin for about two weeks I think, and they did a tremendous job.  I am SO PROUD of them, they are an amazing group of kids.  Some of you were in Peace Corps Benin with me, some of you were Peace Corps in other parts of the world, and some of you are non-Peace Corps friends, but I really wanted to share this with everyone, I thought everyone would be able to appreciate their efforts and ideas.  Make sure you check out the videos and pictures - they are truly wonderful!!



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