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209RCPV Database

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  • Casey, Rex Oboi
    Apr 2, 2007
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      Hello All,

      My name is Rex Casey and I am a RPCV Belize 01-03. I am currently
      completing my matriculation for a MPA degree from SPEA at Indiana
      University-Bloomington. In my database management course, I have an
      opportunity to construct a RPCV database for the midwest region. The
      goal of the database is to provide CIRPCA with the immediate data that
      pertains to each volunteer in case a school or venue is seeking a
      volunteer to discuss his or experience while living abroad.

      The database will be access based and not MS SQL oriented, so it will
      be slightly easier for the end user. I attended a CIPRCA dinner at El
      Sol restaurant prior to returning to graduate school. I would love to
      complete the database and then hand it over to the CIRPCA group as a
      whole. Perhaps, someone in the group can assist me with some basic
      data. I am capable of preparing the schema, but I do lack the
      necessary data. I would also be interested in any input as far as the
      design goes.

      Thank You,

      Rex Casey
      RPCV Belize 01-03
      MPA Candidate, SPEA 2007