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  • Debbie Anderson
    Feb 6, 2007
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      1) If you want an RPCV calendar for $7.00, please email me with how many, as we still have 39 left!    ONLY 11 have sold.
          I can send the calendar to you for just over $2.00, so your total would be less than $10 for the best calendar ever.
      2) January dinner was held at Macchu Picchu on W. 38th St. AFS exchange students, host parents, and staff joined us (14 of them total). We had about 14 RPCVs. Put the next dinner on your calendar, Wednesday, April 18, 2006 at 6:30 pm
      The 2006 Year in Review is posted under the file section!
      3) Friday, February 23rd at 7:00 pm: Duckpin Bowling. Contact for event is Colleen Turner: EVITE has been sent.
      4) Wednesday, March 14th at 6:30 pm: Movie night at Mike & Pat Cupp's house, Pitch in at 6:30 and movie will start around 7:30 and last 90 minutes. By the People is best described as "important, insightful, and often quite humorous,"--more info by checking www.bythepeople-themovie.com . After seeing it, most people are ready to volunteer to help with voter registration and/or help to set up at poll sites. This is a potential service project for us RPCV's and the 2008 election couldn't be more important. EVITE to be sent at a later date.
      5) I encourage you to join Stephanie on the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation walk!
      Cheers, Debbie

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