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180Funding for PC projects

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  • faryamericaine
    Dec 6, 2006
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      Hi, I'm new to the group and am looking forward to learning more about
      all of your PCV and RPCV lives (I think job tips will be in order!)
      I am a current PCV in Senegal West Africa in the Small Business
      Development sector. I'd love to hear particularly about
      revenue-generating projects you may have been involved with as a

      I am also curious to know if there is any grant/scholarship program
      administered by the CIRPCA. We were recently notified of one by the
      Chicago Area PCA and I thought it might have been a widespread
      initiative? I haven't seen all of the details, but I think it was a
      plan application for small scale funding of PCV-led or PCV-supported

      Thanks very much!