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180Funding for PC projects

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  • faryamericaine
    Dec 6, 2006
      Hi, I'm new to the group and am looking forward to learning more about
      all of your PCV and RPCV lives (I think job tips will be in order!)
      I am a current PCV in Senegal West Africa in the Small Business
      Development sector. I'd love to hear particularly about
      revenue-generating projects you may have been involved with as a

      I am also curious to know if there is any grant/scholarship program
      administered by the CIRPCA. We were recently notified of one by the
      Chicago Area PCA and I thought it might have been a widespread
      initiative? I haven't seen all of the details, but I think it was a
      plan application for small scale funding of PCV-led or PCV-supported

      Thanks very much!