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  • jphil46222
    Oct 14, 2006
      I'm not sure if I posted this site before. This is a yahoo group
      nationwide with individual city groups. You can post to give
      something away or post to get something you need. The only
      requirement is that everything is free. No money can be exchanged.
      Only a few restrictions.

      We recently had a neighborhood cleanup and one elderly lady had a
      backyard of concrete stones. Rather than throw them in the dumpster
      we put them on freecycle and someone came to take them away to use. I
      gave away a computer and printer from my basement that a woman wanted
      for homeschooling her daughter and an ugly wooden shelf from my
      garage. And I got a DSL modem when mine went out unexpectedly.
      Everyone is so appreciative of other's people's junk when it fills
      their need.

      I remember in the Philippines, I got a couple of cans of sardines when
      I went to the provincial capital. After I had eaten the sardines, I
      had the cans on the porch of my hut for almost a week and realized I
      had no where to dispose of them. I eventually went into the jungle
      behind my hut and buried the cans. It made me very conscious of trash
      when I was forced to see the impact of it. I never bought anything
      non-disposable unless no other option existed. There was a rich man
      in the main village who was a crony of Marcos. One day I hiked along
      the river from my sitio and when I passed by the rear of his home
      there was a huge (at least 15 feet high) pile of cans and trash. No
      one else in the village could afford pre-packaged foods. Even though
      his rich villa looked nice from the front, the back made a disgusting
      mess of the beautiful jungle river. These are memories that stuck for
      me and reinforced the need to recycle.

      Let's empty our landfills.