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140A Quick 'Hello'

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  • Breanne
    Jun 26, 2006
      Hi everyone. I know I've been nonresponsive lately, but as I'm sure
      you can all relate I feel like I've got a million things going through
      my head at once all the time right now - preparing for departure. I'm
      hoping to make it to some function and see everyone before I leave
      though. You all have been great and I'm so glad I've had the
      opportunity to get to know everyone a little.
      I just wanted to fill you in on the latest with my departure. My
      departure date has been pushed back a week and we're now meeting in
      Philadelphia on July 24th for staging. Then we'll truck it to New
      York on July 26th and fly out of JFK straight to Johannesburg SA (with
      a refueling stop in Dakar). What a long trip, but it'll be with a
      good group. I've been in touch with 18 or so members of my group and
      it seems like we have a great group, so I'm excited.

      If anyone is interested, I've also set up a blog to document my
      travels - there's nothing on it yet, but it's www.dannerb.blogspot.com.

      ~ Bree