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120game night

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  • Debbie Anderson
    Mar 8, 2006
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      Hey folks,

      This is a reminder of game night on Friday, March 10th. RSVP's include: Bree and Nanette: both to be PCV's one day and RPCV's: Anne, Norm, David, Stephanie, and myself. All of these are Africa RPCV's, so I challenge any other RPCV's from other areas to come and enjoy the evening.

      Feel free to bring games and a snack to share. Starting at 7p.m. till ? ? at my place, 977 Woodruff Pl. East Dr., 46201  My cell is 317-627-8982 if you need help finding it. Under a mapquest or yahoo direction search it might say "977 East Dr." as the address.

      Next dinner will be the 3rd Wednesday in April at 6:30, put it on the calendar. Details to be given at a later date regarding the location.

      Cheers, Debbie

      Travel information: If you have travelled to JAPAN and have any special places to go or stay that are must sees, please let me know by Saturday! Thanks so much, I appreciate any helpful information.