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118African film series at IMA

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  • swolcott@iupui.edu
    Feb 16, 2006

      The Indianapolis Museum of Art is opening a new African art section. As part
      of the opening, it is sponsoring a FREE film series beginning tonight and every
      Thursday through March 2. All the films begin at 7 pm in the DeBoest Lecture
      Hall at the IMA. Here's the line-up of movies:

      Thursday, February 16
      (FYI: Debbie Anderson (627-8982, ombili9@...) and four friends are attending this film tonight and will be meeting at 6:45pm at the IMA)

      The title of this Grand Prize winner at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival
      means “sanctuary.” This buoyant film focuses on four young women who escape
      ritual genital mutilation in Burkina Faso by seeking refuge in the home of a
      local rebel woman. The small village is sent into turmoil as the women seeking
      asylum struggle against tradition. Regarded as the founding father of African
      cinema, Sembéne is known for his portrayal of women’s issues in contemporary
      Africa. (Senegal, 2004, 124 mins., dir. Ousmane Semb éne)

      Daughter of Keltoum
      Thursday, February 23

      Daughter of Keltoum explores the bicultural existence of many Africans and the
      challenge of balancing two cultures, two languages and often two ethnicities.
      Raillia, a young woman raised in Switzerland, returns to Algeria in search of
      the mother, who abandoned her after her birth, and a better understanding of
      her heritage. Through encounters with thieves, revolutionaries and ordinary
      people, her Western attitudes are challenged in a country largely untouched by
      outside influences.(Algeria, 2001, 101 mins., dir. Mehdi Charef)

      Keïta: Voice of the Griot
      Thursday, March 2

      Keïta is a modern Malian film based on a centuries-old Malian epic story. Young
      Mabo Keïta discovers his family’s history and determines his own destiny
      through the stories and teachings of Djéliba Kouyaté, his family’s griot, or
      bard. The arrival of Djéliba in the Keïta household causes tension between Mabo
      and his Westernized mother and schoolteacher.(Mali/Burkina Faso, 1995, 94
      mins., dir. Dani Kouyaté)