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105Placement Questions!

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  • Michelle
    Dec 2, 2005
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      I've just been cleared (exciting!!) and now am awaiting placement in
      sub-saharan Africa. Can anyone give me any tips on holding out for
      better placements or if should I take the first thing offered?
      If this process is anything like "military recruiting," then I'm
      thinking I should hold out. But I certainly do not want to miss an
      Also, does anyone have info on the position of NGO Advising Program for
      Being the first of December, does anyone think it possible that I could
      leave by February if I accept a position this month? The placement
      person said "Absolutely No" but for some reason, I think she's just
      saying that. Hmmm... She also said that she could not e-mail or send
      me any information about the program. Is this strange? typical?
      I came to the picnic this summer and really enjoyed meeting you.
      Someone gave me a contact name for placement in Africa, but I've
      misplaced it...do you remember who that was? (Redhead, served in
      Africa, a friend of Abbey Hambright and who brought her dog to the
      picnic?! Sorry, I've forgotten!!) Anyway, I'll take any and all
      suggestions, ideas, contacts...
      Can't wait to get overseas,