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1Welcome CIRPCV

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  • ombili9
    Jun 24, 2004
      This website will be a place to share information about PC issues.
      Welcome to those who are thinking of going to the PC and to those
      who may be currently serving. To those of us who have returned, well
      we hope to meet you soon. As CIRPCV group is getting organized, we
      will use this as a communication tool. Please feel free to look
      through a few web links that I have added that I think could be of
      interest to some. Also, I added a few pictures that were from my
      experience in Namibia, 00-02. Please feel free to post some from
      your country, just title the new album the name of the country. I
      think this is an awesome way to share a little from all over the
      world. We'll also add pictures of future events. The calendar has
      CIRPCV events and other events of international interest. In efforts
      to exclude SPAM from this site, I have made it so that I will have
      to approve members after they email with a short reason as to their
      interest. I'd love for each of us to be able to write a brief bio.
      somewhere on here. I'll try to figure how to do that and let you
      know. If anyone knows how that could be worked out then please let
      me know. When replying to posts, it will be sent to the whole group,
      so if you want to send a message to one person then copy/paste their

      Feel free to let me know of any events to be added or make any other
      suggestions or questions.

      Yours truly,

      Debbie Anderson