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  • Melissa Wu
    Dear WIN, It s a new year and time for a fresh start for the Women s Interest Network. We re writing to introduce ourselves and to let you know what we are
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 24, 2008
      Dear WIN,

      It's a new year and time for a fresh start for the Women's Interest
      Network. We're writing to introduce ourselves and to let you know
      what we are looking forward to this year. We hope to meet many of you
      at meetings or informal gatherings and we hope you choose to get
      involved in WIN this year.

      About the Women's Interest Network

      WIN has two primary objectives: networking and promoting women.
      Networking: WIN provides networking opportunities for women interested
      in international law in several ways. WIN is a means by which women in
      the Section can meet one another at Section and other ABA meetings and
      gather for social and business reasons. WIN helps newcomers make
      connections. Promoting women: WIN promotes women lawyers within the
      Section and generally in the practice of law. WIN can be a stepping
      stone and a support group for women in the Section. WIN helps women
      members of the Section get acquainted with the Section and find ways
      to get involved. WIN helps women advance in the Section and in their

      WIN programs do one or both of the following: 1) focus on women's
      issues; 2) highlight women speakers. WIN programs include Helping
      Poor Women Around the World program and the Relevance of
      Customs/Trade/Export Control in the Merger/Acquisition Context program
      both at the Section's Spring 2008 Meeting. Other examples include a
      program at the Spring 2007 Meeting titled When a Big Law Firm Is Not
      For You: Powerhouse Women Discuss Alternative Legal Careers and a
      brownbag in February 2008 in D.C. that featured a prominent
      international female expert on climate change.

      WIN Leadership

      We would like to introduce you to the chair and vice chairs of WIN:
      Jennifer Wills, Yulia Andreeva, Susan J. Brushaber, Ingrid Busson,
      Janet H. Moore, and Susan Kohn Ross. The immediate past chair is
      Lorraine M. Brennan.

      Goals for 2008-2009

      • WIN Speaker's Bureau
      [have link to the bureau directly from the welcome letter]
      o Now is the time to make WIN something big. The Section of
      International Law has a new Diversity Officer who will work with WIN
      to strive for diversity in programs and leadership. The WIN Speaker's
      Bureau has a list of Section women with international law expertise.
      This can be the place for Section committees to fulfill the diversity
      requirement. And one of the goals of WIN is to update the Speaker's
      Bureau and make it the source to find women speakers. If you would be
      interested in updating the list of speakers and advertising the list
      to the Section membership, please contact Jennifer Wills at the email

      • The Year-in-Review
      o The Section of International Law's Year-in-Review is a
      compilation of articles highlighting issues from the previous year.
      This year our goal is to submit an article to the Year-in-Review. If
      you would be interested in soliciting articles from WIN members and
      coordinating with the authors, please contact Jennifer at the email
      below. The deadline for submitting an article is December 1, however
      the article needs to be reviewed and approved before then.

      • Website Manager
      o We want the WIN website to be current and provide the information
      that our members find useful. This is typically the first place
      members look for updates and potential members go for information
      about the committee. The website manager is an important part of WIN.

      Spring Meeting

      The Section of International Law's spring meeting will be April 2009
      in Washington, D.C. Proposals for a spring program are due September
      30, 2008. We are currently working two program proposals: "How to
      Write a Business Proposal" and "Speed Networking". There will also be
      a WIN reception at the Spring Meeting and a WIN table at the committee
      breakfast. We hope to see you there!

      Regional Liaisons

      In the past, WIN has had regional liaisons to coordinate lunches and
      other activities in their respective cities. We held two brownbags,
      one in D.C. and one in New York this year. We hope to hold more
      brownbags and other events in different cities and even in other
      countries this year.

      We'd Like to Hear From You

      We are open to new ideas on how to make WIN better and more useful to
      you. We'd like to hear from you. For instance, is there anything
      you'd like to see on the website? Perhaps you've visited the website
      but did not find what you were looking for. If this is the case, what
      was it you were looking for?

      Always feel free to contact any one of us with your ideas and questions.

      Best regards,

      WIN leadership team

      Jennifer Wills (jenniferkwills@...)
      Yulia Andreeva (yandreeva@...)
      Susan J. Brushaber (sbrushaber@...)
      Ingrid Busson (ingrid.busson@...)
      Janet H. Moore (janet@...)
      Susan Kohn Ross (skr@...)
      Lorraine M. Brennan (lbrennan@...)
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