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    http://www.aidemocracy.org/newsletter/oct07.htm Dear AID members and friends: Fall is in the air --even in the Mid-Atlantic which is balmier than in the past
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 17, 2007
      Dear AID members and friends:

      Fall is in the air --even in the Mid-Atlantic which is balmier than
      in the past (thanks to climate change) and busier than ever. AID has
      been busy continuing our current programming, developing new
      initiatives and new partnerships, and working to ensure that we are
      doing our best to provide young leaders with the space and tools to
      articulate our shared vision and hopes for an interconnected,
      peaceful and sustainable world.

      As you will see below, we have lots of activities planned. One of the
      things I have noticed about the Fall is that it is generally a time
      to buckle down after the lazy days of summer. This fall in
      particular, debates about global issues have been prominent—both in
      the upcoming 2008 elections, specific issues such as Darfur, the
      recent push for democracy in Myanmar, as well as transboundary issues
      such as global climate change, HIV/AIDS pandemic and maternal and
      child health as well as global poverty-which beyond being wrong in a
      world of plenty, increases instability and insecurity in our world.

      We know that our generation has the vision to fight for what's right;
      to increase global peace and security, to end genocide; to reduce our
      carbon footprint; to promote access to essential medicines for those
      with HIV/AIDs and access to affordable quality health care for women
      and children; and increase prosperity throughout the world.
      In the next year, our generation will raise these issues with our
      elected leaders and presidential candidates, with our community
      leaders, and with one another. We urge you to work with us today to
      raise awareness of solutions, tomorrow to take actions locally and
      nationally to advance sustainable solutions, and in the future to
      ensure that our national leaders will promote our vision for the ways
      in which the U.S. can promote security and prosperity throughout the


      Clinton Global Initiative

      Marceline was able to represent AID at the Clinton Global Initiative
      (http://www.clintonglobalinitiative.org) from September 25-28th. The
      initiative is designed to turn ideas into action. Marceline
      facilitated tables on global poverty. Participants include policy
      experts, business leaders, media experts, NGO leaders, heads of
      state, actors, and donors. Many commitments were made to end poverty
      as we know it and promote a greener, healthier, and more peaceful and
      collaborative world.

      In addition, ten AID student and young professional leaders were
      invited to the launch of the Clinton Global Initiative for youth
      September 29th with President Clinton, Shakira, and Bono among
      others. AID will be following up with staff at CGI to discuss ways in
      which we can coordinate and collaborate on our efforts.

      AIDers Active on Campus

      So far this fall students have been very active, collectively hosting
      over 100 events since the end of August! If you've being thinking
      about hosting a film screening, panel discussion, or videoconference,
      today is the day to start planning. The process is made simple by our
      toolkits and templates and start with reserving an appropriate room
      and registering your event with us so we can support you in your
      organizing and set aside a mini-grant. Visit the web-page of the
      programming areas you're interested in – Global Development, Hope Not
      Hate/Peace & Security, Global Environment, Global Health – and then
      register your film screening, panel discussion, or international

      Upcoming AID Regional Conferences - Register Today!

      October 21-22-In partnership with the Henry M. Jackson
      Foundation,"The Future Relations Between the US and the Islamic
      World", University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

      October 27-Come learn about labor rights, and their importance in
      global development at the University of Montana in Missoula, MT on
      October 27! Americans for Informed Democracy (AID), United Students
      Against Sweatshops (USAS), Students for Economic and Social Justice
      (SESJ), and Campus Progress will be sponsoring this day long
      conference to both discuss how labor rights are fundamental to
      eradicating global poverty and reducing inequality, and give
      attendees the organizing skills necessary to empower workers in their
      local communities.

      October 28-In partnership with The Stanley Foundation, "The US in the
      World: Redefining Major Power Relations", Virginia Common Wealth
      University, Richmond, Virginia

      November 3-In partnership with The Stanley Foundation, "New
      Approaches to Armed Conflict in the 21st Century: Lessons from
      Darfur, Rwanda, and Bosnia" University of Minnesota, Minneapolis,

      Other upcoming conferences - save-the-date:

      November 3 - the AID Chapter at Hobart and William Smith, NY will be
      organizing a conference on the relationship between fair trade and
      gender. Details TBA.
      November 22-25 - in partnership with Syracuse
      University, "Globalization and Justice," London, England
      December 1-2 - in partnership with College Kick AIDS at Dartmouth
      University, Student Leaders Respond to the Global AIDS Pandemic
      February 23 - Anti-Human Trafficking at the University of Charleston,
      March 21-23 - Anti-Human Trafficking at the University of Missouri,
      International Day to Eradicate Global Poverty - Join us!

      On October 17, join with millions around the world who are demanding
      an end to global poverty! In conjunction with CARE, Jubilee USA, and
      the ONE Campaign, Americans for Informed Democracy is setting up
      films screenings, barbeques, and national advocacy actions for the
      International Day to Eradicate Global Poverty. On this day, millions
      around the globe will join together in solidarity with people and
      communities fighting poverty everyday. AID is offering three
      complimentary ways for students to take action to eradicate poverty:

      • Jubilee National Advocacy Training and Lobbying Days:
      Join other AID students and activists from across the country in
      Washington, D.C. to celebrate the end of the Cancel Debt Fast on
      October 16 and 17 with a Jubilee Lobby Day.

      Host an Advocacy Barbecue:
      Invite your friends to a barbeque where you all tell your Senator and
      Representative to support debt relief and education legislation.
      AID has a limited number of mini grants that will enable students to
      make flyers for this event, print background briefings about debt
      relief and poverty, and hold a delicious, fun barbeque in your dorm
      room, apartment, or house to bring together your friends to advocate
      for the eradication of poverty. Beyond each $35 mini grant, we have
      CARE DVD's that provide excellent background information on the
      issues that we will mail you.

      Participate in an International Video Conference:
      Discuss the intersection of debt relief and education with students
      from Latin America and Africa, and learn how you can take steps to
      work in solidarity with these students to eradicate poverty.

      Hope Not Hate - Make it an Active October

      AID's highly successful Hope Not Hate initiative is flexing its
      muscles this October to continue to bridge the gap and strengthen
      ties between the US and Muslim communities. Collaborative efforts
      are a necessary form of countering similar obstacles and reaching
      common goals. In consideration of the so-called "Islamo-Fascism
      Terrorism Awareness Week" from October 22-26, AID is calling on its
      members to provide alternative programming that expresses the mutual
      understanding and common determination for a peaceful and just
      world. Please contact Vicente Garcia if you would like to host an
      event on your campus.

      Featured Film: Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet travels in the footsteps
      of the Prophet to the Arabian desert and the holy city of Mecca where
      much of Muhammad's story unfolded. But the film does not just stay in
      the past. Much of its story is told through the observations of
      contemporary American Muslims, including a fireman at the World Trade
      Center on September 11, a second generation Arab-American family
      building a community based on Islamic principles, a Congressional
      Chief of Staff working for justice, and a refugee fleeing religious
      persecution, whose experiences in some way echo Muhammad's life.

      How Scary is Climate Change? You tell us by Halloween!

      "Climate Crews" is a project that will harness a valuable natural
      resource: college students' creativity. You can propose innovative
      campaigns around the global issues of climate preservation and clean
      energy and how, by documenting your experiences on film, you will be
      able to turn your campaigns into renewable resources that will guide
      similar efforts on other campuses.

      AID, in partnership with The People Speak, will select up to 10
      winning ideas and provide a $500 mini-grant and training for the
      students to implement and document their campaigns. Each campus group
      will return to their school, conduct the campaign, and create a short
      film or video toolkit showing how others could replicate their
      campaign idea on another campus.

      The 10 video toolkits will then be put up for a nationwide vote on
      The People Speak website. The students with the most innovative and
      successful campaign will win $500. Campus groups can then apply for a
      $200 mini-grant to bring the winning campaign to their campus.

      Are you ready to change the world and help save our environment? To
      submit a proposal and learn more about Climate Crews, visit
      www.aidemocracy.org/climate. Deadline extended until October 31st!

      Upcoming International Videoconferences

      This fall there will be a series of international videoconferences
      which you can register your campus for. We hope you'll use the
      videoconference as a follow-up to a previous event or as a launching
      point for a campus campaign. Read about our four programatic areas -
      Peace and Security, Development, Environment, Global Health - and
      contact us about registering for a videoconference in coordination
      with another campus event!

      October 17, 9:00-11:00 pm EST, International Day for Poverty
      November 1, 9:00-11:00 pm EST, Global Environment
      November 29, 9:00-11:00 pm EST, World AIDS Day (Asian sites)
      November 30, 9:00-11:00 am EST, World AIDS Day (African & Latin
      Americans sites)
      AID Youth Vote/Youth Voice activities

      AID is thrilled to announce our new Youth Voice/Youth Vote
      initiative. AID will educate young people on critical issues for our
      next president to address and to equip these students to ask pointed
      and nonpartisan questions at candidate campaign events.
      Specifically, AID will host statewide summits in four primary states
      in November of 2007 and in four general election states in August of
      2008 to educate students about climate, human rights, nuclear
      weapons, and trade, and to equip them with the training and networks
      to impact presidential campaign events. AID will also release a
      survey on what young people think about global issues as well as a
      youth voter guide on international issues.

      Would you like to help host a summit in IA, NH, NV, SC, CO, FL, NM,
      or OH? We want the youth vote to be seen as a important aspect of the
      upcoming elections and we want to make sure that young people are
      equipped to raise the profile of issues that our members think are
      important. This is a fantastic opportunity to hear from experts,
      receive leadership training and use your newfound skills to promote a
      youth platform on global issues in a nonpartisan way to presidential
      candidates. Click here to let us know you'd like to help coordinate
      these summits.

      Birddogging for Global Health

      Do you want your next president to represent your ideas and address
      the global health issues you think are important? Then get some
      friends together and birddog! Birddogging is an active way to get
      the presidential candidates to this by attending public appearances
      and asking specific, targeted questions, thus encouraging candidates
      to take strong stances on the issues, and then following up with them
      at future events, and publicizing the responses you get to the media
      and press.

      If you are interested in birddogging on global health issues such as
      HIV/AIDS or health care in your area (this is especially important if
      you live or vote in a key or swing states such as NH, NV, SC, IA, CO,
      FL, NM, or OH) please send an email to Courtney@... and
      we will help train you and get you out on the campaign trail!

      OneVoice Echo Rally CANCELLED - Alternative activity planned!

      The One Million Voices People's Summit, also known as the Echo Rally,
      scheduled for this Thursday, October 18, 2007 has been CANCELLED.
      The grassroots summit that was to amplify the voices of the majority
      if Israelis and Palestinians for a peaceful two-state solution will
      not occur on October 18th in Jericho due to real security concerns,;
      the Israeli summit has been cancelled in solidarity. Washington, DC
      and London has also been cancelled but separate summits will occur in
      Boston, LA Metro Area, and Northern California. We encourage each of
      you to attend any of these events or start one of your own!

      However, there is a program that is developing in Washington, DC, on
      October 18th in place of the summit that all are welcomed to attend.
      More information is to come so please check AID's website for more
      details. You may also visit the website of OneVoice for more
      information on the cancellation/postponement of summits.

      If you have received a Travel Mini-Grant we will still honor your
      trip to Washington, DC, if you attend the pending event OR you can
      contact Vicente at Vicente@... to discuss how to proceed.
      "Trick or Treatment" March - Join us in Philly

      Join Americans for Informed Democracy and allies from around the
      country for a march to the Democratic Debate in Philadelphia on the
      evening of October 30th. The march, called the "Trick or Treatment
      March", calls for an end to political tricks, and funding for
      treatment and prevention for people living with and at risk for HIV
      at home and abroad. It also calls for a real, free universal
      healthcare system and an end to private insurance companies which put
      corporate profits over the lives of people. The debate will be held
      at Drexel University, and the march will start nearby. For updated
      details on the march, including start location and time, check
      www.critpath.org/actup as the date gets closer. For more info, to
      endorse the march, or to help plan the action, please register.

      Create a Power Shift - Register Now!

      Power Shift '07 will take place November 2-5 in College Park, MD.
      This fall, youth from across the country will convene in Washington,
      DC to change the climate on global warming in the United States.
      Together, we will create a shift in the fight for a clean and just
      energy future. Register at http://www.powershift07.org/

      World AIDS Day - Start Planning Now!

      If you are interested in doing something on your campus or in your
      community for World AIDS Day (Dec. 1), please check out our health
      page and contact Courtney at courtney@... to help plan
      your event and coordinate with AID's big plans for a massive rally,
      Lose the shoes soccer tournament and activism conference on WAD up at
      Dartmouth in NH!

      Also, consider joining one of two international videoconferences:

      November 29, 9:00-11:00 pm EST, World AIDS Day (Asian sites)
      November 30, 9:00-11:00 am EST, World AIDS Day (African & Latin
      Americans sites)
      Senior Political Analysts

      Our SPA's are posing to AID's blog daily from all around the world.
      Engage in lively discussions by commenting on their blogs! Here's a
      sample of what they've been writing:

      Hungry? Food for thought
      5 Simple Rules for Democracy Promotion
      A New Partner for the US in Libya?
      Suffering Cannot Be Ignored
      Campus Chapters and Affiliates

      If you haven't already held an outreach fair or activity to recruit
      new members to your local AID group, now is the time to do so! As you
      know, letting other students know about AID means that you can gain
      new group members, organize new events, and mentor new leaders to
      take you places when you graduate! If you haven't already done so,
      please register your chapter or group on the website so that we can
      better keep track of you, your activities, and your needs. If you're
      thinking about starting a chapter, check out the new chapter set-up
      guide. If you have any questions, call Autumn at 410-962-8770.

      Young Professionals Network

      Graduating but wish you could do the types of programming that you
      did with AID on your campus? Well, you can. AID is working to support
      our young leaders after graduation as well as on campus. In
      Washington, D.C., New York City, Boston, and SanFrancisco young
      professionals have continued to work to support AID and participate
      in AID programming through the AID Young Professionals Network. AID
      staff and AID Young Professionals have formed a Young Professionals
      Working Group to develop appropriate programs and services for YPs,
      support the development of new YP networks, and define ways that YP
      networks can support AID chapters and affiliates. If you want to get
      involved in a local YP network, check out their sites on our website.

      Intern for AIDemocracy in Baltimore, MD

      AID is calling for applications from globally conscious college
      students who are interested in a dynamic and fast-paced fall, J-term,
      or spring internship that will give them a hands-on introduction to
      the fields of global education, global development, global health,
      environmental sustainability, peace and security, non-profit
      management and arts and activism. This internship program offers
      students an unparalleled introduction to the diverse professional
      opportunities within international NGOs. Interns help lead media
      outreach, grant-writing, partnership development, fundraising, civic
      education, and long-term strategy development. AID's internship is
      unique in involving college students directly in the highest levels
      of the organization's management, allowing them to play influential
      roles in shaping the group's agenda. Click here to learn more and
      submit an application for Fall, January-term, or Sprint semesters!

      Contests, Actions, and News from AID Partners

      The CSIS Commission on Smart Power has just launched the Smart Power
      Flash Animation Contest. Creative and thoughtful animated shorts will
      be reviewed for originality, topical relevance, and nonpartisanship,
      and the top two submissions will receive cash prizes of $1,000 and
      $500. For more information, please visit

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