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35Tues mtg: Stop U.S. Militarization of Africa!

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  • Mike Ewall
    Oct 13 1:27 PM

      Stop U.S. Militarization of Africa!
      Resist Africom!

      Tuesday, October 14th
      Bldg 38, SGA Lounge, A Level


      Hi folks...

      Few have known about this plan for U.S. military domination of Africa, but now that it's recently been put into motion (on Oct 1st), thankfully people in the U.S. are slowly waking up to it.  Please consider checking out this meeting.  All I know of the meeting is what's on the flyers around campus, but this issue needs a lot of attention, so please spread the word.


      As of about 5 years ago, U.S. oil imports from Africa have grown larger than the amounts we get from the Middle East.  The Bush administration has started up this plan to build military bases in Africa... a plan resisted by the African Union, but sadly supported by both Obama and McCain.

      Obama's "get off of Middle Eastern oil within 10 years" campaign promise has to be understood for what it is... a plan that recognizes that Africa is now a larger source of oil imports and that continued reliance on African oil -- and the human rights abuses that flow from it -- are a part of his agenda that many voters can easily overlook.

      Here are some quotes from the "About Africom" page on http://www.resistafricom.org

      "[I]n several meetings, briefings, and statements, high-level officials have said that AFRICOM has three main goals: (1) to counter terrorism on African soil as part of the Global War on Terror, (2) to protect oil resources, recognizing that the US may purchase as much as 25% of its oil from Africa by 2015, and (3) to counter China�s growing economic investment on the continent....

      According to DoD and State Department officials, most African governments have welcomed the presence of AFRICOM and have expressed positive interest.

      However, according to our partners on the ground, African civil society, several African regional bodies, and most African governments, AFRICOM is not welcome on African soil. Many Africans have voiced a resounding 'no' to AFRICOM. The Southern African Development Community (SADC), which includes 14 Southern African nations, has publicly denounced AFRICOM and has said it will not tolerate the presence of an American military structure on its soil. Nigeria, Libya, Botswana have made similar statements. The only government to offer its country as a location for the AFRICOM headquarters is Liberia ."