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26Lavender Law Attendees Needed!!

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    Jun 1, 2008
      OUTLAW has successfully obtained $2,000 in SBA funds to send two
      attendees to the National Lesbian and Gay Law Association's annual
      conference and career fair, known as Lavender Law.

      Information regarding the event is located at

      Melanie Acuna has informed me that we need to know who is attending
      as soon as possible. Additionally, "in order for the school to pay
      for student travel, each student who will incur expenses must submit
      written documentation about the conference (a copy of the front page
      of the brochure, e.g.); documentation from the airline regarding the
      cost of the airfare; documentation showing the registration fee; and
      documentation from the hotel or from the conference brochure showing
      the cost of hotel rooms. Each student must also provide his or her
      mailing address and social security number. University checks will
      be mailed directly to each student."

      Please email me ASAP if you are interested. DClaw09@...

      Kevin R. Hill
      OUTLAW Co-chair