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Fixing Dysfunctionality, Healing Painful Memories

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  • Michael
    As we all know in this group, current experiences of stress and dysfunction often have their roots in past traumatic experiences which have been walled-off
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 27, 2011
      As we all know in this group, current experiences of stress and dysfunction often have their roots in past traumatic experiences which have been "walled-off" to minimise discomfort. They persist, buried in our psyche, as energetic blocks to health and wellbeing [the "inner wall" or "outer distraction/addiction" we created in order to minimise the pain] and also appear as "over-reaction" or "under-reaction" triggers to current life events.

      A good healer or therapist will help a client to trace the thread from the current "symptom" to the "buried" [repressed] traumatic memory in an approach which has been popularised in "The Journey" by Brandon Bays, whose book you can now acquire for as little as 1P!...
      She has also produced a CD for doing your own "Journey Process" - currently on special offer here:

      Occasionally, when taking clients, or oneself on these healing journeys to the root of a current problem so that natural resolution can occur, there comes a point where the natural resolution of the old trauma becomes stuck in a vague, incomplete or non-moving memory-image of the trauma situation. Bill Redpath has come up with some excellent tips on how to move forward through these image-based energy blocks. He writes...

      "At the age of eight, while chasing my sister, I crashed my left midfoot arch down on a glass milk bottle shard imbedded in the ground. Forty-three years later, with trauma resolution therapist Peter Levine, I examined this trauma. Essentially, Levine's approach leads clients to complete momenta that get stuck in the original moment of trauma where we are caught, in the classical animal sense, between fight and flight.

      "During that session with Peter, rehearsing the situation for the third time, I recalled an image of tomatoes on the back porch of my family home in New Jersey, a few feet from where the accident occurred. Levine invited me again to describe the image, and I could see the red tomatoes on the porch wall shelf, and the mosquito screening behind them.

      "What is the colour of the screen?" he asked.
      "The screen mesh is black," I noted.
      "That's where the energy is traumatically held," he advised me.

      "I focused upon that black, not as a net weave, but as held energy, nothing more or less. I realized that the site I was scanning in the porch screen image located where the trauma was fixed, contained and memorialized. In physics, where there is black, there is no movement. And an unresolved trauma process contains an impasse with no movement.

      "Ordinarily, intention or will propels 'guided imagery' sessions. Now, through a radical shift in perspective of the foot trauma memory, something beyond ego control was resolving into an embodied awareness more vivid, more compassionate and more real than before. And inwardly, I witnessed [paid attention to the black area of the memory image] the held neurochemistry and experienced it resolve within a matter of minutes.

      "Soon, I applied these new insights about black and non-intention with clients. I discovered that, unprompted, the black showed up often immediately, so that, without intention, clients and I could focus quickly and directly upon the place in their neurochemistry where the brain described itself as having no movement. If we asked the system to describe its inner experience in the form of sensations, pressures and colour, a whole set of landscape phenomena, increasingly familiar, even predictable from client to client, began to appear. We used the 'cursor of consciousness' and focused specifically on the black in the client's inner portraits.

      Bill called his emerging approach to resolving these places of "stuckness" on a healing journey, "Trauma Energetics":
      I have drawn on Bill's insights many times in my work with clients and myself and it certainly can help a stuck healing process to get moving again.

      Colour Experiences and States of Consciousness
      Bill's also has something to say about the "Vibratory Colours" that are sometimes encountered during meditation, healing or shamanic journeys. As with black mentioned above, he suggests that they are direct reflections of brain chemistry. So the range from GOLD to "Ethereal WHITE" and finally into "Radiant CLEAR" reflects energetically high vibratory states such as Christos/Buddha/'Personality in balance' states of consciousness. He relates the range through brown, purple, pink and pastels to the moments when the held-energy system is about to resolve out of shock. Other visionary colour experiences Bill relates to prenatal "toxicity" experiences such as maternally transmitted alcohol, nicotinic acid, caffeine or anaesthetic.

      Healing Journeys for Children
      By the way, Brandon Bays has now published a modified "Journey" approach for children:
      Has anyone in this group got experience of working with children in this way?

      Your Experiences?
      Is anyone else in this group making, or has made, use of Bill's approaches, either for personal or client healing?

      Mike M.
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