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Re: [CHAIN_MAILLE_ARTISTS] Yule pictures

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  • diannawolfe
    yep, we have a shy artist. ... From: Bea Date: 12/01/06 01:27:27 To: CHAIN_MAILLE_ARTISTS@yahoogroups.com Subject: [CHAIN_MAILLE_ARTISTS] Yule pictures Isn t
    Message 1 of 54 , Nov 30, 2006
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      yep, we have a shy artist. 
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      From: Bea
      Date: 12/01/06 01:27:27
      Subject: [CHAIN_MAILLE_ARTISTS] Yule pictures

      Isn't there one of the Yule pictures missing? We had 16 entries and
      now there are only 15 pictures. Or am I miscounting again????

    • KylnThym@aol.com
      Lisa, you do beautiful work. there isn t a piece that I don t like. Beth
      Message 54 of 54 , Jan 21, 2007
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        Lisa, you do beautiful work.  there isn't a piece that I don't like.
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