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Re: Taught my first class last night - Help!

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  • kathywisniewski
    Hey Cindy- It s great that you are getting into teaching--it s a great way to make extra income. I agree that some patterns are tough for younger girls. When
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      Hey Cindy-

      It's great that you are getting into teaching--it's a great way to make extra income.
      I agree that some patterns are tough for younger girls. When I teach this class I give 2.5 to 3 hours to complete the project.
      An earring class is perfect to do in an hour.
      I think starters are good for very difficult weaves--this one not being one of them. Students should be allowed to learn how to start a weave on their own.
      The students need to have at least 20-30 minutes to learn opening and closing jumprings.
      High quality, full color tutorials are a MUST! It is way too difficult to explain and teach anything, without a clear visual reference.
      Less color choices is best! Most classes I teach allow the students to choose from either aluminum or copper jump rings. Picking colors can take 10-20 minutes, eating up lots of class time. Students can always buy extra color jump rings if they like the project.
      Do not worry about wasting your own time to pre-open or close any rings for students. Students truly have to learn to do this and do it for themselves to see if they even enjoy the craft and then hopefully take more classes. If you are getting paid for your classes, never do prep work for the students--unless you are getting paid for that too. If you are not getting paid, then it seems you could spend as many hours as you wished on pre-doing work for the students.
      I've been teaching chainmaille and wirework classes for about 7 years and have learned many useful tips like these.
      Hope this helps.

      Good Luck!

      Kat W. (Elemental Art Jewelry and Blue Buddha Boutique instructor)

      --- In CHAIN_MAILLE_ARTISTS@yahoogroups.com, "Cindy Burns" <cinqueen@...> wrote:
      > I taught eight 12-year-old girls how to make a stretchy E4-1 bracelet last
      > night at a Girl Scout meeting. What an experience!
      > First, none of them had a clue as to how to open or close a jump ring, so we
      > spent quite a bit of time on that. Some didn't pay attention and were lost
      > right away. Same goes for the actual construction of the E4-1. There were
      > 2 girls who really got it and did great. There were 2 who gave up and just
      > made a basic 2 in 1 chain (which is maybe what I should have done to begin
      > with but the leader wanted the E4-1 taught). The rest had very odd
      > variations of the 4-1.
      > Since we only had 1 hour, none of the girls who attempted the 4-1 finished
      > although one was 3/4 of the way through. One girl gave me hers to finish
      > for her and I'll return it to the leader. The others opted for trying to
      > finish on their own. I'll probably end up closing the bracelets for them
      > eventually although 2 of the girls might be able to figure that out on their
      > own.
      > I'm thinking that if I do this again I should have starter pieces of an inch
      > or two. But that determines the colors the girls would use and choosing the
      > colors was half the fun for them.
      > For those who have taught classes, what would you have done differently?
      > Obviously, 1 hour wasn't enough time, at least for preteens who tended to be
      > easily distracted. I've had others interested in lessons, both kids and
      > adults. Do you provide preclosed and pre-opened ring kits or have them do
      > it all? (I'm thinking for kids, I should have opened all the rings in
      > advance, but not sure about for adults or older teens.)
      > Any comments or advice is greatly appreciated!
      > CindyB
      > www.sweetpeacreationz.com <http://www.sweetpeacreationz.com/>
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