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New Uresia Font Set: URESIA ARCANA

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  • S. John Ross
    http://www222.pair.com/sjohn/arcana.htm It ll mostly be of interest to Uresia fans; it s very world-specific. Of possible general interest is Uresia Home Town,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 14, 2003
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      It'll mostly be of interest to Uresia fans; it's very world-specific. Of
      possible general interest is Uresia Home Town, which is second-cousin to
      the still-ongoing "Rooftops" font project. As usual, there's a sampler to
      play with to see if you like it. The set of four fonts is $4.95, including
      PDF documentation.

      There's no Macintosh version yet, and I'm considering a slow phasing out of
      explicit Mac support. Here are my primary reasons:

      (1) Customer and volunteer tests of my fonts - including the most
      persnickety Sparks sets - on Macintosh OS X have been almost perfect
      thumbs-up responses. The only exception seems a potential fluke. This means
      that within a year or three, the vast majority of Mac users will be able to
      freely use the Windows versions.

      (2) To do Mac versions, I have to pester colleagues. If I make improvements
      to a set, I either have to pester them again, or let the Mac version fall
      behind the Windows version.

      (3) I simply can't provide useful tech support for Mac fonts.

      It's a decision I've been chewing over for a long time, and feedback is
      welcome. Feedback is also welcome, of course, on the new font set; I'm
      happy with it ... But of course, I run a Uresia campaign, so I'm biased. ;)

      Hope this finds everyone well. Best -

      || S. John Ross
      || Husband · Cook · Writer
      || In That Order
      || http://www.io.com/~sjohn
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