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Unser Hafen upcoming practices, etc.. For anyone interested (who isn't on the UH email), here are a few of the upcoming Unser Hafen practice/event dates YIS Thorunn Grimsdottír Glad you asked. We
Laura Hargis
Mar 3
Re: Caer Galen equestrian practices I’m interested, but I would need a rental horse/loaner horse. Cecily From: Laura Hargis Sent: Monday, February 25, 2013 10:12 AM To:
Carrie Vaughn
Feb 25, 2013
Caer Galen equestrian practices Greetings to all Caer Galen equestrians! Well, after searching far and wide, I have 'stumbled' into a new place to hold practices, if anyone is interested and
Laura Hargis
Feb 25, 2013
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Anyone need a horse trailer? Is anyone in the market for a horse trailer? I'm selling mine. Contact me off list if interested. Thanks Thorunn MKA LauraH When you're feeling down Saddle up!
Laura Hargis
Sep 20, 2012
OT: Housing Ideas/ Help Please Sorry to bother the list, and for anyone receiving duplicate posts, but I'm contacting anyone I know at this point. I'm in a really tight spot right now, and
lair of the wildcat
Jul 30, 2012
Re: [UnserhafenEquestrian] Practice this sunday I'm not sure what our schedule looks like exactly, since Jeff has to work on Saturday. We will probably make it over though for at least part of the practice
Nest Gryffry
Jun 20, 2012
Crossroads Equestrian Activities - Slightly revised schedule Tomorrow begins our Crossroads Equestrian Activities and the First ever Outlands Equestrian Tourney!! Thanks everyone in the Outlands Equestrian community, we
Nest Gryffry
May 24, 2012
Crossroads Equestrian Activities - Schedule and details so far Thanks everyone in the Outlands Equestrian community, we have had a great reception to the Kindgom Equestrian Tourney being held at Crossroads this year.
Nest Gryffry
May 15, 2012
Re: [UnserhafenEquestrian] Re: Practice this Sunday I think per the e-mail below, it sounds like we're a go for this Sunday's Practice , 4/29, at 9:30 a.m. (10-12 on horse), at BayBreze, right? That's good,
Nest Gryffry
Apr 23, 2012
Full Metal Jousting, in our own backyard Hey -- have you all heard about the 'Black Knight' who is trying to get jousting going at the Ft. Collins Equestrian Center? Wade passed on the information
Monica Signer
Mar 30, 2012
Mar 30, 2012
Re: Looking for a property for short term lease / 20 horses Don't know of anything but will let you know if I hear of anything.Anne CHARITY THAT IS CONCEALED APEASES THE WRATH OF GOD he Prophet Muhammad, Al Hadith To:
Carol Hiesterman
Mar 30, 2012
Looking for a property for short term lease / 20 horses Hi all, A realtor friend of mine has a customer relocating from the mountains to Denver. They have 20 horses. Not ready to jump into purchasing a horse
Monica Signer
Mar 30, 2012
Re: Looking for interest in Caer Galen I am still interested in equestrian activities. Have a horse and am not interested in rentals. Can and would travel to appropriate sites less than 30 miles
Carol Hiesterman
Jan 24, 2012
Re: Looking for interest in Caer Galen I’m interested, when I have time, which unfortunately isn’t often... I don’t have my own horse, and wondered about the availability of rental horses at
Carrie Vaughn
Jan 24, 2012
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Re: Looking for interest in Caer Galen Interested Yes. Have horse, Yes. Renting, maybe. Fee aroung 10 to 15$. Distance, depends on if I have a truck and trailer. How often, not more than once a
Morgan Silver
Jan 24, 2012
Looking for interest in Caer Galen So, now that Unser Hafen has moved their practices further north again, and there may or may not be rental horses available, I'm looking to get a count of how
Laura Hargis
Jan 23, 2012
Equestrian plans for 2012 Hi everyone -- I'm a bit delayed in posting a recap of our discussion from our brunch in December... But the new year is underway so it's time. Couple of
Monica Signer
Jan 9, 2012
Equestrian Brunch next Sunday 10:00 Hi everyone -- oh boy is the year flying by! Our End of Year Brunch is next Sunday, 12/18 10-1. I'll have bagles and egg casserole. Feel free to bring
Monica Signer
Dec 10, 2011
Re: [UnserhafenEquestrian] End of Year brunch Hi All -- Looks to me like SUNDAY December 18th is the favored date. I'm happy to host at Sun Pony. 10 - 1. I'll have egg casserole, and bagles/cream cheese
Nov 14, 2011
Re: [UnserhafenEquestrian] End of Year brunch I vote for Dec. 18 or 19. I liked our Feast of Epona connection last year. I might be out of town on Nov. 27 & 28. Dec. 11 or 12 would probably work as well
Nest Gryffry
Oct 29, 2011
End of Year brunch Hey all -- We should start to plan for a day to hold our annual brunch to discuss new ideas for next year. I have heard that there is a preference for Brunch
Monica Signer
Oct 28, 2011
November practice ....?? Wow, sorry guys -- I just saw on the UH Calendar that we had planned for a practice on Sunday, Nov 6th 9:30 - Noon. I totally didn't recall scheduling that
Monica Signer
Oct 28, 2011
Re: Practice tomorrow oh Anne! Sorry to hear that, but I'm glad he's recovered. Currently we do not have any more practices scheduled this year. We can discuss adding one, as long
Sep 30, 2011
Re: Practice tomorrow Hi Monica, Ziggy colicked yesterday. He is doing well now but I think it best if we pass on this practice. Do we have another practice for this month? Anne
Carol Hiesterman
Sep 30, 2011
Practice tomorrow Morning all -- Just checking in with a quick note about practice tomorrow. We do have a conflict with lessons so I'm shifting things just a tiny bit. 1) we'll
Monica Signer
Sep 30, 2011
Re: [UnserhafenEquestrian] Next practice; Stags Con Wystl, Garin has a new job working for an exhibit building company that he really likes, but right now is the busy season, and he is working every weekend
Nest Gryffry
Sep 22, 2011
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Re: Next practice; Stags Con Hey! I’ll be there! OMG! Might I ask for a horse to ride? And since I haven’t ridden all year, I think my special request is going to be to “ride
Carrie Vaughn
Sep 20, 2011
Next practice; Stags Con Hello all -- Our next scheduled practice is Saturday Oct 1st, 9:30 - Noon. Any special requests on activities? I would like to take this opportunity to let
Monica Signer
Sep 15, 2011
Photos from Champions On the UH Website I've started a page for photo albums. Currently this page is still restricted to registered users -- but there is no approval process to
Monica Signer
Aug 22, 2011
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