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Costume College 09 Updates

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  • Dean Of Costume College
    The following email was sent enmass to our Student Body for Costume College..  Unfortunately, it might appear as spam mail.  So I ve posted it to a couple of
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      The following email was sent enmass to our Student Body for Costume College.  Unfortunately, it might appear as spam mail.  So I've posted it to a couple of yahoo groups.  Please pass this information along.  Thanks!

      Maegen Hensley
      Dean of Costume College® 09

      Dear Students, following are some quick updates from your Dean and Programming, Volunteers, and Roommates Chairs for Costume College 2009.  Please read thoroughly.


      From Dean and Programming:

      Registration Packets have been sent out to all students who have registered on or before March 26, 2009.  Within your packets you will find a Registration Book, a Limited Attendance Form, a Pocket Program, and a Gala/Tea Meal selection form.  Please note that you will need to return the original yellow-orange LA Form no later than May 2nd, 2009.  Also due are your special meal selections should you need a vegetarian or non-allergen meal if you are attending the Gala or the Tea. 


      Please email programcollege@... or costumecollegedean@... for any questions regarding anything in your Registration Packet.  Programming address again is:  7795 Jackson Way , Buena Park , CA 90620


      Maegen Hensley            Jennifer Mulvey

      CoCo 09 Dean              Programming Chair



      From Volunteers:

      So, unless this is your first year attending Costume College, you probably already know that everything is done by Volunteers - from the Committee Heads who spent the year planning and preparing, to the people who guard the Costume Exhibits for an hour so someone else can attend classes (or grab some lunch - mustn’t forget to eat.)


      We can’t do it without volunteers. That’s all there is to it. So, if you think you may be available to help, please send me an e-mail at cocovolunteers@... to let me know you are interested. If you already have an idea of what area you would like to help out in, let me know that, too. When we get closer to the date of Costume College, and the specifics have been worked out (and after you find out about your limited classes) I will be sending out an e-mail with duties and times, etc.


      Any other questions/ concerns regarding volunteer opportunities? Don’t hesitate to contact me!


      Elizabeth McCash

      Volunteers Chair


      From Roommates:

      Attending Costume College 2009?  You’ve looked at the class schedule, seen the amazing guest instructors, but you still don’t know if you want to stay at the hotel because you don’t know anyone who is going or because you are worrying about the cost.


      Worry no more!  The Costume College Roommate Matching Service can help you save money and introduce you to people with similar interests. 


      The Roommate Matching Service is here to find you a roommate whether or not you have a room reserved and whether or not you need a roommate for the entire event or for a night.

      If you are interested in rooming with someone at Costume College, all you have to do is send an email to Roommate4CostumeCollege@... with all the information detailed in the registration packets.

      Do not put off attending Costume College 2009 sign up now and use the Costume College Roommate Matching Service so that you can have the best Costume College experience ever!


      Margaret Manos

      Roommates Chair

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