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Re: [CGWcostumers] New Museum needs your help!

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  • cra2cgw
    I could not find a spot to respond on the website given. I sent an email to presidio@presidiotrust.gov which I hope will work as well. Cheryl R. Avirom, A
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      I could not find a spot to respond on the website given.  I sent an email to presidio@... which I hope will work as well.

      Cheryl R. Avirom, A Prof. Corp.
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      I was asked to forward this email to CGW and Costume College members, and I'd like to add my personal endorsement to this project. I'm not only excited for the potential to see beautiful costumes, but also for all the other amazing artwork that George Lucas has collected. The walls of Skywalker Ranch and the corridors of LucasFilm are absolutely stuffed with wonderful pieces. (Mucha! Rockwell! NC Wyeth!)  How exciting would it be to be able to visit this collection at will?

      I really hope you'll take a moment to help out with a comment.
      Colleen Crosby
      President, CGW

      As the costume archivist for the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum, I am contacting you to rally your costumers around George Lucas and his proposed museum in the bay area!  We need your help in getting this major art institution into the Presidio site in San Francisco.  We need support of all our costuming fans to make this a reality!  The Lucas Cultural Arts Museum not only will house George’s extensive art collection, but will also have a permanent cinematic arts gallery which will include original art, models and costumes (on a permanent basis) from Star Wars to Indiana Jones!  Can you imagine visiting and seeing costumes in an exhibition every time you go?   
      We need to make this happen!  How do you ask?  Have all your members (and family/friends, etc.) go to the Presidio Trust’s site and make a comment in LCAM’s favor:  http://www.presidio.gov/about/Pages/commissary-proposals.aspx
      You don’t need to write a paragraph (unless you’d like), something as small as a sentence will do a world of good.  In doing so, you are insuring a future for the museum and the artifacts you love to educate future generations.
      I hope you can help with the cause!  I am a fashion designer myself and hope your participation leads to a new future for the archive and a wonderful new museum for you, your family, friends and fellow Costume College Members.
      Thanks so much for your time. 
      Joanee Honour
      P.S. Thank you in advance for helping us out.
      Joanee Alina Honour | Costume Registrar | Lucas Cultural Arts Museum
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