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Re: [CGWcostumers] Lending Atmosphere to an Event

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  • Rebecca Howard
    I hope someone in our group is able to do this, it sounds wonderful. I would absolutely play crochet on a lawn but I really have no teens attire. Rebecca
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      I hope someone in our group is able to do this, it sounds wonderful. I would absolutely play crochet on a lawn but I really have no teens attire. 


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      The Art Deco Society of Los Angeles was recently contacted abut an event. If you are interested in participating, please respond directly to the organizers, as the ADSLA is not involved, just passing the info on:

      My name is Lisa Selje. I'm a member of the Board of Directors of Alhambra Preservation Group -- and a friend of Paddy Hurley and Tom Coston. I understand that Paddy has spoken with you about the frustration that we're experiencing concerning our June 23rd event and our disappearing actors. We're hoping that you might be able to help us out with what, at this late date, has become a full-blown crisis.
      First, let me tell you something about Alhambra Preservation Group. Ours is a ten-year-old organization, incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2007 and dedicated to the preservation of Alhambra's architectural heritage. APG works hard to build a sense of community through our many events and activities that engender a sense of pride in our local historic architecture. Among our educational and public awareness-building activities are bi-annual walking tours showcasing homes within our historic neighborhoods. (We are in the process of rebuilding and recreating our website; however, you can check us out on Facebook, and at our blog, proseofpreservation.org.)
      This year, instead of a large-scale home tour, we are presenting The Magical History Tour, on Sunday, June 23rd, between the hours of noon and 4pm. This will be a docent-led bus tour encompassing six venues and focusing predominantly upon Alhambra in the 1920s. (I've attached a copy of our event flyer to give you a sense of what we have planned.) Our vision has been to incorporate short (five-to-ten-minute) encounters with a number of historical figures over the course of the afternoon. Some will be "meet and greet" encounters at locations where tour participants will be off of the bus; others will be "hop-ons" in which the actors will get on the bus and ride for some distance while telling their stories. In at least one location, where the bus-riders will be touring a meticulously restored 1910 Arts & Crafts home, our plan has been to have people in period attire playing croquet on the lawn. These were to have been drama students from San Marino High School; however, with the end of school, these young people seem to have lost both interest and motivation to honor this commitment. No more croquet players. Similarly, two of the actors whom we'd lined up for key speaking roles have gotten other (paid) gigs and had to drop out.
      So... all of this is by way of saying that Paddy suggested that you guys might be able to help us to broker some connections with some folks who might be interested in lending some atmosphere to one or more of our tour homes -- either playing croquet, heading off to a tennis match at the Dos Robles Tennis Club, or just lounging about, reading or chatting -- in period dress. Also, we're looking for two actors: a woman, to play a small role as a nationally-recognized home economist at the Alhambra headquarters of the old Los Angeles Gas and Electric Building; and a man, to play the famous architect, John C. Austin (designer of Alhambra's Carmelite Monastery, as well as the Los Angeles City Hall, the Shrine Auditorium, Griffith Observatory and other iconic commercial, public and residential buildings throughout the region). Just to complicate matters, Austin spoke with a British accent. We've prevailed upon Tom Coston, who has agreed to play our largest speaking role, James DeBarth Shorb, whom we will meet as a ghost. Our other actors have reassured us that their commitments are unbreakable. I have attached background info. on the two speaking roles that we are seeking to fill. We don't expect anyone to memorize a script. We will provide talking points based upon the background materials.
      Finally, our big issue now is that, as a very small, community-based nonprofit with an all-volunteer workforce, we have no budget for actors. This would have to be a volunteer effort, although we do expect it to be fun. We will, however, provide lunch for anyone who chooses to participate -- and, to those dear people, will go the enduring gratitude of Alhambra Preservation Group!!
      If either of you has any suggestions, contacts or offers of help that you might be willing to share with us, we would be greatly in your debt! I can be contacted by return email at this address or, by cell phone, at (626) 233-5037. Thank you both so very much!

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