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Upcoming Sewing Workshops

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  • Shelley Peters
      Greetings, Historical Costuming Enthusiasts. For me, the year has started out very busy with a lot of historical reenacting and costuming opportunities.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 30, 2013
      Greetings, Historical Costuming Enthusiasts.
      For me, the year has started out very busy with a lot of historical reenacting and costuming opportunities. This weekend is the Dickens Festival in Riverside.  Help!   Val LaBor cinnamonhrts@...  is coordinating a time line of mourning costumes covering over a century for the Fashion Show.  Due to a cancellation she needs a model for an 1840s mourning gown, with bonnet. Its a modern dress size 10-14/pattern size 18. You would just need black shoes.  (See pic at bottom of page.)  Please contact her.
      I am also looking for a 3rd and 4th roomate for Fri & Sat night at the Mission Inn. shelleypeters@...
      Scheduled Sewing Workshops
      February 9 & 10 Las Vegasn (4 corset makers & others/ Caroline's empty house)
      February 23 & 24 Lakeside (East San Diego area/ Debbie's historical home)
      March 2 & 3 Victorville (Mary Todd Lincoln's home)
      Saturday, March 30 Nuevo?
      April 13 &14
      June 1 & 2
      Contact me to sign up for any of these workshops or to schedule on in your area.
      I have created a Yahoo group for notifications of my workshops. Please go to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HistoricalSewingWorkshops 
      Click on "Join this group"
      You can also "like " my facebook page:    www.facebook.com/HistoricalSewingWorkshops
      UpcomiUUpcoming Events2013Come join with us in commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War at these sesquicentennial events and other Living Hisotiry and  History/Historical &  Dance events:
      January 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Dance Class before the Dickens Ball   http://www.riversidevictoriandance.com/
      February 2,3 Riverside Dickens Festival   www.dickensfest.com *
      February 2 Mr. Fezziwigs Ball www.Dickensfest,com
      Feb 2 Viennese Nights Ball, Balboa Club San Diego
      Feb 9, 10 Sewing Workshop Las Vegas, NV
      Feb 9    Lincoln Shrine Open House www.acws.net
      Feb 16, 17, 18 Civil War Reenactment Calico Ghost Town, Yermo , CA ACWS.net
      Feb 16, 17 Civil War Encampment Strathearn Museum, Simi Valley   www.CivilWarAlliance.com*
      Feb 21, 22 Sewing Workshop TBA Lakeside/San Diego area
      March 2,3 Sewing Workshop TBA Victorville
      March 9,10 Civil War Reenactment,AntiqueGas&SteamEngineMuseumVista  www.civilwaralliance.com *
      March 16,17 St. Catherine’s, Anaheim , Washington Artillery
      March 16,17 Picacho Peak Civil War Reenactment, AZ
      March 23 Grand Victorian Ball, Pasadena , http://victoriandance.org/
      April 6, 7 Civil War Reenactment, Prado Park , Chino ,   www.sccwa.com*
      April 20, 21 Civil War Reenactment Fairview Park, Costa Mesa*
      April 20,21 Las Mariposas Civil War
      April 27,28 Civil War Reenactment, Pierce College , Woodland Hills,  www.CivilWarAlliance.com*
      May 3-5 Gaslight Gathering Steampunk&Victoriana Conference, San Diego www.gaslightgathering.org*
      May 4, 5  Wooden Nickel
      May 17,18,19 Temecula Western Days
      May 18,19 Ft. Tejon Spring Invitational 
      May 24, 25, 26 Civil War Reenactment, Vail Lake ACWS.net*
      June 8  Admiral Lord Nelson Ball, Orange County
      June 22-July 8 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg , PA  www.BlueGrayGettysburg.com
      July 13,14  Old Ft. Macarthur Days    http://www.ftmac.org/index.htm *Note: this is the correct date!
      July 13 Grand Victorian Ball, Pasadena http://victoriandance.org/
      July 27 BlueGrayCotillion http://www.2ndcavalry.org/
      August 17,18  Ft.Tejon Invitational
      August 31-September 1 Civil War Reenactment, Central Park, Huntington Beach *
      September 6, 7, 8  Banning Stagecoach Days http://stagecoachdays.net*
      Sept 21,22 Drum Barracks www.acws.net
      October 5,6 Helendale www.acws.net
      October 5,6 Marching Thru History? Prado Park TBD
      October 12,13 Civil War Reenactment, Tom’s Farms, Corona  www.civilwaralliance.com*
      October 12,13 BattleoftheOldWoman’sGun Dominguez Rancho, Carson
      October 9-13  Poway Rendezvous Old Poway Park
      October 25-27 Spring Mountain Ranch Civil War Reenactment, Las Vegas ACWS.net  SNLHA.org*
      November 9, 10 Civil War Reenactment, Moorpark, www.civilwar alliance, com*
      December 14,15 Vail Lake Christmas www.ACWS.net
      These Civilian Civil War Reenacting Units are always looking for new members:
      Historical Citizens Association (HCA) HistoricalCitizens.org
      Winstontown Winstontown@yahoogroups.com
      10th Georgia Hospital & Relief Association Terry Larson at 951 506-9139, flyingcolorscsa@..., or Jim & Lynette Corten at 951 694-1862
      American Civil War Society, Inc   www.ACWS.net    ACWS_CivilianCorps@yahoogroups.com
      Shelley Peters
      Proprietress, Kansas Mercantile
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